MondoCon 2015 – Pre-Con Details

Last year, we had the pleasure of attending the first MondoCon in Austin, TX and one thing was instantly clear – we would NOT be missing this convention…. ever.  Where else are you going to get instant access to dozens of amazing Mondo artists and a tent full of Mondo prints (they should have called it the Mondo Print Tent – say it out loud)?  Nowhere!!  Check out our recap of the first MondoCon.

If you’ve listened to any of the recent Nerd Fu podcasts, you’ve heard Steve and I say things like “If you are ANYWHERE near Austin, TX – you NEED to get over to MondoCon.”  It’s that simple! And now we’re telling you again – get to MondoCon!!  Why?  Not sure why you need any more convincing, but just in case – here is a rundown of what you can expect at MondoCon 2015.

MondoCon 2015 – Artists / Exhibitors

Check out this incredible lineup of artists & exhibitors.  You’ll recognize a ton of established Mondo artists as well as a bunch of awesome new additions.

William Stout, Kevin Tong, Ken Taylor, Jock, Middle of Beyond ….  Just look at all these amazing guests:

MondoCon 2015 - Artists and Exhibitors - Lineup

 MondCon 2015 Exhibitor Layout


MondoCon 2015 – Panels

Last years panels were amazing.  They featured some of the best artists in the industry, the talent behind many of your favorite films (horror, sic-fi & more) and the introduction of the Mondo collectibles line.  The panels are held in smaller rooms than some of the traditional cons and that gave them more of a conversational feel, which we really liked.

The lineup for 2015 includes

  • Mondo Talk
  • Vacuum Artist Panel
  • Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel
  • The Art of Toys & Collectibles
  • William Stout Career Retrospective
  • Adventures in Design MonoCon Lounge


MondoCon 2015 – Previews & Exclusives

A few things have already been leaked, but more information is coming out daily, so be sure to follow along in social for updates leading into the convention.

Limited to 100, this amazing Lil’ Mikey exclusive will probably sell out before we can even get in the front door

Lil Mikey - Exclusive Variant

The Army of Darkness Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring artwork by Richey Beckett (limited to 1,000 copies) is another amazing piece  we’d like in our collection

Army Of Darkness - Soundtrack

Then there is this little gem, which is an absolute MUST HAVE for my collection.  I already love the movie and I love what Mondo is doing with these amazing SteelBook designs.


MondoCon 2015 – Screenings

Mondo posters celebrate the amazing films of all genres.  In fact movies (and now music) are pretty much the glue that brings Mondo artists together.  So, why not celebrate some of those films with screenings and, you guessed it, exclusive posters.

Get your tickets and join us for:

  • Batman (SAT 7-9pm)
  • The Goonies (SAT 9:50-midnight)
  • Black Swan (SUN 4-6pm)
  • Halloween (SUN 7-9pm)


MondoCon 2015 – More

… and more.  Yeah, there’s actually more to the con that what we listed above.

  • The food will beat the socks off any convention you’ve been to before, because it won’t be con food.  There are local food trucks out in the parking lot.  We’re talking local eats like Frank, Shhmaltz, Stony’s Pizza, Arlo’s, Therapy Coffee and more
  • Music – we hinted at it above, but Mondo isn’t just doing posters any more.  In addition to the new collectibles line they have also been cranking out some amazing soundtracks on vinyl.  We’re talking collectible art that IS music.  How cool is that.


MondoCon 2015 – When & Where

Sold yet?  If so, you’ll probably want a little more information on the when and where. (Needy much??)

WHEN: Oct 3-4

WHERE: Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin, TX

TICKETS: Surprisingly, tickets are still available, but probably not for long.  Get Tickets Here!


For more information on MondoCon 2015 and updates leading up to the event, be sure to follow MondoCon in social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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