MondoCon Happens in Austin – September 20-21

There are posters and then there are MONDO posters. Actually scratch that. MONDO doesn’t make posters. They screen print beautiful pieces of film artwork that make nerds,  cinephiles, collectors, and more drool en masse. They also know how to have fun. And they’re letting everyone know that with the first ever MondoCon!

What Is MondoCon?

It’s a celebration of everything Mondo loves, including movies, art, comics, music, toys and food. Essentially it is a weekend of fun curated by Mondo! It will feature some of their favorite artists, companies, food trailers and special guests.

The Lowdown

When | September 20-21

Where | The Marchesa Hall & Theater |  6226 Middle Fiskville Rd. |  Austin, TX  78752

Tickets | Saturday SOLD OUT | Sunday $35 + fee | 2-Day $70 + fee

The Guests

Being Mondo, it’s no surpise that some of the VERY best and brightest in the art world will be attending. Take a look:

      • Mike Mignola (creator/writer/artist of Hellboy)
      • Laurent Durieux (screen-printed art for films like The Iron Giant, King Kong, classic Hitchcock & Sci-Fi)
      • Becky Cloonan (cartoonist/illustrator, has worked with Vertigo, Dark Horse, Harper Collins & Marvel)
      • Scott C (Great Showdowns, Double Fine Action Comics, Zombie In Love) 
      • Kevin Tong (limited edition screen printed posters for major bands and high profile movies)
      • Geoff Darrow (Hard Boiled ,Big Guy, The Shaolin Cowboy, conceptual artist on The Matrix trilogy) 
      • and many more……

To see a full list of guests announced so far, click here.

The Events

This is Mondo’s first time putting on a Con. But you’d never know given by their prep, lineup, and constant updating – all with the fans in mind. Plenty of panels, screenings, art, merch, drinks, and some of Austin’s best food trucks will be on hand. Inside and outside too for that matter! Here’s taste of the creative stimulation in store for you:


  • Designing Movies

Panelists: Geof Darrow, Jock, Mike Mignola, Alex Pardee, William Stout and Bernie Wrightson

It could be as small as a weapon or as big as an entire world, but each part of a film is designed by an artist. Who does that? How are the creatures, ships and landscapes of our shared dreams created? MondoCon sits down with six artists who have given form to some of the most iconic imagery in film. They will share stories and art, including pieces that have never been released publicly from the design phase on films like Raiders of the Lost ArkGhostbustersThe MatrixBlade 2Dredd 3DReturn of the Living Dead and more.

  • The Art of Toy-making

Panelists: Mike Mitchell, Brock Otterbacher, Dan Willett

Go behind the scenes on the world of collectible toys! The panelists will dive deep into Mondo’s brand new toy line with photos and design images from the making of the first lineup of collectibles for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Iron Giant and Alfred Hitchcock. Artist Mike Mitchell will also talk about turning his Lil’ Mikey illustration into a 3D figure. The future of Mondo’s toy collectibles will be discussed with the announcement of a new vinyl figure from a beloved comic book property.


  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Live Original Score

The most terrifying film of all time will be presented as you have never seen or heard it before. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be shown remastered in 4K with an original score performed live at MondoCon on Sunday, September 21. Composers Anton Maoif and Umberto created a completely new score for the film over the course of the last year after conceiving of the idea with Death Waltz records at Beyond Fest last October. This is the first time it will be heard anywhere. The film will also play with the live score at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles on September 27.

  • Sci-Fi classics Ghost in the Shell and Total Recall (1990) will also have screening events on Saturday, September 20 at MondoCon with brand new Mondo prints included in the cost of admission.

The Exclusives

Having attended Cons themselves before, Mondo knew that no real con is complete without some exclusive merch for the diehard fan. Would you like to see some samples? Okay…..



The Iron Giant  |  Artist: Alex Ross |  Edition: 325 |  15″ x 27″ Giclee


Additionally, Mondo announces the release of The Iron Giant soundtrack on vinyl for the very first time with two incredible package designs from artists Jason Edmiston and Jay Shaw.

The Iron Giant Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Michael Kamen

2XLP, Remastered for Vinyl by James Plotkin

Cut at 45RPM for best possible sound quality


IRON GIANT Vinyl_Version_A (Edmiston)

Version A – Featuring brand new, hand painted

artwork by Jason Edmiston

Pressed on 180 Gram Black & randomly

inserted Steel Grey Vinyl









IRON GIANT Vinyl_Version_B (Shaw)

Version B – Artwork, and package design by Jay Shaw

Pressed on 180 Gram vinyl, housed in a metal

embossed slip case.

Limited to 1,000 copies









Boom! Comics & Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout lent his stunning artwork for an alternate cover of Boom! Comics’ Big Trouble in Little China #01. The print originally was made available as the official poster for Butt-Numb-A-Thon 9 at the Alamo Drafthouse in 2007 long before Stout was a household name.

Big Trouble_Tyler Stout



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