We Made Mudder’s Milk

By now, you’ve either received the latest Firefly Cargo Crate or at least seen what subscribers received in the “Hero of Canton” edition, featuring Jayne. We received our shipment and completed our unbox/reveal of the crate last week, but there was something included that got me thinking, and I just couldn’t let it go.

Included in the first two deliveries of the Firefly Cargo Crate, there is a magazine called “The Signal,” which contains articles, a breakdown of the items included and photos. This month’s edition also included a recipe for the most famous drink the ‘verse – Mudder’s Milk, and it sounded really good.


The recipe called for a lot of items that we already had on hand, and it sounded like it might taste pretty good, so we decided to give it a shot… and another shot, and another shot….

Mudder's Milk - Recipe - Firefly Cargo Crate
Muuder’s Milk Recipe from the May Firefly Cargo Crate


We decided that our first attempt at making the most famous drink the ‘verse wasn’t something we should keep to ourselves, so we decided to do it LIVE, on camera, for the world to see (or at least our friends on Periscope).

No net. No backup plan. No problem. How very cunning of us.


The verdict : The drink was REALLY good. You could definitely taste the Peanut Butter and Banana, but you could NOT taste the whiskey. Dangerous! We’ll be making these again… soon. Shiny!



In case the photos above weren’t enough, or you just want to see the shenanigans that went down during our little “cooking” show, you can check out the entire video on Periscope.

We couldn’t find a way to embed that video, but it’s also available via Twitter. Just click the image below to watch now.

For those of you who joined us during the Persicope, thanks so much for the interaction, the hearts and the fun. For everyone else, be sure to subscribe and see what we get up to next week.

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