NECA’s Jason Voorhees Makes ‘Killer’ Debut in Toys “R” Us

Just when you think it’s safe to go back to everyone’s fun loving giraffe toy store……….a machete-wielding killer shows up.

Action figure collectors, horror movie classic fans, and retro game lovers will be bask in the joy that is the NECA 8″ Mego-styled Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees figure, which is based on the 1989 NES video game. Jason has setup camp in Toys “R” as the store’s exclusive thanks to NECA. The famed collectible company has already come out with other popular figures inspired by their ’89 NES counterparts – Predator and Robocop – and there’s been some exclusives along the same lines as well.


Last year in San Diego, there was a NECA SDCC Exclusive Friday the 13th Jason figure with I believe sold out or came pretty close. Sully even got a few himself if I remember correctly. The box art is fantastic! The replica retro NES styling of the packaging makes you almost want to just leave the figure in the box and display it like that. When this new figure is compared to that SDCC one, both slashers will look pretty much the same. The difference? The giraffe’s version will include more carnage toys with theirs: an axe, machete, and speargun. Why? Because variety is the spice of life people.

Jason should be hitting the stores already!


NECA is taking two of their newest figure formats and mashing them up for a new Toys”R”Us exclusive. Presenting the Mego-Style + Classic Video Game Appearance JASON VOORHEES. Using their popular 8″ Mego-style figure body, NECA delivers a unique NES video game version of Jason as seen on their hit San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Friday the 13th Jason (see HERE). The figure features a real cloth outfit, removable hockey mask and three weapons of camper destruction: axe, machete and speargun. This surprise figure is hitting Toys”R”Us stores now.



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