Nerd Fu: Stash-N-Cache [10/15 – 10/21]

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The Stash-N-Cache

[October 15th – October 21st, 2017]

Looking for the latest T-shirt or collectible? Our weekly snapshot of the latest in Nerd Needs is here to keep you “in the know.” Consider it your go-to place to find all of the super cool items & collectibles we share on our social media channels every day! As we find new “must haves” we’ll update this list. Everything from t-shirts to posters & collectibles will be available right here.

Simply click on the item or “pre-order or order now” button for additional details and purchase options (if available) and enjoy!


BELIEVER SINCE 1966 by artist Beware_1984

Believer Since 1966 - T-Shirt - Beware_1984


GROOVIN’ GROOT from TeeTurtle

Groovin Groot - T-Shirt - Tee Turtle


CUP AND MUG by artist rustenico

Cup and Mug - T-Shirt - artist: rustenico


THE WOCKA WOCKA-ING DEAD by artist Kenny Durkin



FATAL REUNION by artist GillesBone

Fatal Reunion - TShirt - Gilles Bone


THE NIGHTMARE KING by artist Doomcat



FRAGGLES ROCK! by artist JubbaTheHott



More must-Have T-Shirts Coming Soon!



WIZARD OF OZ VYNL. 2-PACK from ThinkGeek

Wizard of Oz - Vynl. - 2-pack


BEETLEJUICE SANDWORM Faux Tunnel Earrings from Hot Topic




Ursula Sculpted Mug


More awesome nerdy collectibles coming soon!!




Great must-have POSTERS coming soon!


Find a new “must have” that we missed? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter and we’ll take a look. #NerdsUnite

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