Nerd Fu Visits Funko HQ – 2016

When you get a chance to visit Funko HQ – you simply don’t say no!

Last year, we attended our first Emerald City Comicon, but made sure to get to the great city of Seattle a day early so we could visit Funko Headquarters. Check out all of our photos from that first trip here: A Visit to Funko Headquarters

This year, we were stoked to find out that we’d be attending another ECCC and guess what we made time for! You know it. The Nerd Fu boys headed back to Everett, WA (just outside of Seattle) for another trip to Funko HQ.


You wouldn’t guess it from a drive down Shuksan Way, but this unassuming strip center is home to the one-and-only Funko. A couple of small signs on the outside, but an ever-growing, always evolving office space and warehouse on the inside.

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 01


Just inside the front doors is a newly renovated lobby, complete with super-super-super-sized Hukbuster & Willy Wonka.  There’s also a huge display cabinet, with lighted shelving, featuring tons of recent figures from Funko’s different lines: Pop! Vinyl, Dorbz, Rock Candy, Vinyl Idolz, Hikari, Dorbz Ridez and more.

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 02

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 03

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 04

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 05


Beyond the lobby, our photo chances were pretty limited. As you can imagine, the creative team and artists are constantly working on new designs and that info is Top Secret.  Trust us when we say – We REALLY wanna share what we saw.  There are some A-Mazing things coming down the pipe and we know a few fans in particular who will be jumping for joy.

We walked around the desk areas of the entire team, through the new break room (Freddy’s Cafe), through the MASSIVE warehouse (one of several), stocked to the ceilings with product, and around some of the offices. We even got to see Brian Mariotti’s office.  He’s the President & CEO of Funko LLC. You would not believe the awesome history in there and unique collectibles he has.

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 06

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 07

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 08

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 09


Upstairs, tucked away behind multiple levels of security, is the Sample Room. The walls and shelves are lined with the latest & greatest from Funko, and a few other collectibles from years past. Pop! Vinyl, Pop! Tees, Dorbz, Vinyl Idolz, Mystery Minis, Pens, Pop! Rides….. the list goes on and on. You name it and it was in there.

We spent more than a little time drooling over all the Must-Haves.  Yeah – our lists have grown now.  There’s nothing quite like seeing new figures in person.

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 10

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 11

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 12

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 13

Funko - HQ - 2016 - Tour - 14



We DID take the time to record a Periscope of us at the front of Funko HQ (just outside and in the lobby). Unfortunately, we didn’t save the video, but the Periscope will be available for several more hours today.

Check it out here:


THANK YOU FUNKO!! And a BIG, BIG Thank You to Yoko McCann for touring us around the office and putting up with us FanBoys!

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