Nerdist Invades the Indigo Ballroom – SDCC 2016

Thursday at San San Diego Comic-Con couldn’t have gone better for me as I got to see one of the panels I had been eagerly awaiting – the Nerdist panel! We love, LOVE the Nerdist team and regularly frequent the website and several of the podcasts. We certainly enjoy seeing Hardwick strut his chops with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray at the Nerdist Podcast Live show that happens on the weekend. And okay, okay……I may have a slight crush on Jessica Chobot from Nerdist News as well. There I said it.

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When Chris came across the stage, he immediately set the signature tone of a Nerdist presentation of course with his style and choice of t-shirt for the day: Chuck from The Goonies doing the Truffle Shuffle but with Sloth as Chunk’s stomach. It was incredible and felt like Hardwick wasted no time deciding what to wear for this panel. Joining Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick on stage were the core players of the Nerdist network which included president Adam Rymer, editor-in-chief Rachel Heine, senior editor and host of The Dan Show Dan Casey, managing editor Alicia Lutes, Nerdist News host Jessica Chobot, Because Science host Kyle Hill, and music editor Matt Grosinger. The panelists went down the line with everyone saying what they’ve been up to at Nerdist.

I loved the whole panel and there were several moments that stood out. Jessica Chobot for instance, came to the panel dressed as Melisandre from Game of Thrones due to some saying that’s who she resembles and should cosplay attempt. Personally I don’t see the resemblance but she looked fantastic in that blood-red dress! Other hilarious moments included the part where Dan talked about the most controversial theory he discussed with fans (his belief that Varys from Game of Thrones is a merman) to Kyle explaining his “three step radar” system for catching Pokemon using geometry and Hardwick not paying attention.


There were a few standouts that had a healthy serious/humorous stance. Chris said Donald Trump was like our Immortan Joe for Mad Max Fury Road and that if he succeeds in whatever it Trump thinks he can do, America and SDCC would end up being the wasteland we saw in Fury Road. He discussed the power of positively and kindness which is the ultimate tool against hatred and bullying when combined. He mentioned that nowadays we are quickly losing the ability to communicate with each other since we trap ourselves behind monitors, laptops and mobile device screens for hours on end. This is making the “finger pointing” and barking at each other that takes places online so easy to do. But killing bullies with kindness was the entire panel’s grand stance on the topic….and if that fails then block them both from your life and online.

Naturally Hardwick did address the negatively about Pokemon Go that some people are having to which he tells those people “Go Suck It”.



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