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Well..well..well. Here we are. Just a day away from sold-out New York Comic Con 2015! Team Nerd Fu is putting the finishing touches on our plan of attack, charging our gear, picking out our favorite nerdy t-shirts to take, etc. We’re super stoked about attending NYCC at the Javits Convention Center because this is our first time attending! Last year, the convention attracted some 150,000 attendees from all around! That’s A LOT of fans! Our senses are begging to go into overload mode and we’re not about to disappoint our senses that’s for sure. Sully and I have heard nothing but incredible things about it…..not to mention….it’s in New York! So let me “spread some news” on what you can expect from us!



The Fu Crew will employ the same tactics we use to cover all the conventions we attend, albeit our mouths will most likely be on the floor more due to this being our first NYCC event. But hey, that’s okay right? We’ve done our research and downloaded the con’s app to help guide our way through FANdonia and have even reached out to some of our Big Apple friends to get their take. Many of you have attended cons – like SDCC, ECCC, any of the Wizard Worlds – just like us and minus a few differences here and there (like sleeping outside in lines), we think we have a good grasp on this one. So far I mean.

  • PHOTOS – Even though it’s not a Canon (#SullyHazing), the camera rig that attends these cons with us is a Beast! We’ll get as much as can and make sure there’s plenty of range from cosplay to celebrites to mesmerizing merch! Here’s a sample shot that Sully got with the Beast at SDCC earlier this year of The Walking Dead panel:

NYCC - SDCC Sample - TheWalkingDead-2015

  • LIVE COVERAGE / STREAMING / BREAKING NEWS – Those of us who have braved any crowed con knows that data signals and strengths can be downright rough! The Javits Center however promotes free WiFi in the convention center so that’s going to be a big help.  We’ve got our cameras, phones, iPads, Periscope, and a GoPro so expect to catch us (signal willing) live! But we’re not alone….
  • NYCC WILL ALSO BE STREAMING their biggest panels and celebrity interviews! Catch the Main Stage and the Twitch Live Stage live here so you can follow along wherever you are!  Scroll down to the end of this article for both.


I’ve heard some of the very best  collectibles and special events happen only at New York so consider us hyped about NYCC 2015’s offerings! We’ll be reporting back the coolest stuff we find from vendors that are there like Funko, Dark Horse, GEMR, Toy Tokyo, Marvel and more! We may even be able to grab some extras to use as a giveaway for you fans!

As with some of the bigger cons, there’s also plenty to do OUTSIDE the convention as well. Even though time is short (what else is new?) while we’re there, Sully and I will try to give the surrounding areas a good “once-over” and let you know what and who we see. Did we mention the Blade Rave hosted by BBQ Films featuring The Crystal Method that we’ll be attending? Oh yeah. We’ll have a full report on that too!


Make you sure you keep it dialed in right here on these Nerd Fu channels and get the NYCC 2015 experience as only your Nerd Fu Crew can deliver it!

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      frequency: 10-20 tweets a day
  • Instagram (@theNerdFu) – we love sharing photos and we can guarantee some original images that won’t be seen elsewhere
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  • – And (of course) we’ll be pulling together some posts when we have a few seconds free!  Most posts will come a day or two after the panels.  It takes us a little while to catch up.





(check back when the panels begin)

Watch live video from NYCC on



(check back when the panels begin)
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