Old School Gamer Faves ‘X-Wing’ and ‘Tie Fighter’ Get Re-Released Today

Those of us you who are…ummm….”seasoned” gamers, have to remember playing some of the greatest games ever that had the words “Star” and “Wars” in the title. Yes we know the graphics of a lot of the newer, sleeker, and more stylish games are jaw-dropping BUT for those #warmfuzzies you get playing retro games, X-Wing and Tie Fighter are high up on that list. And if you fancy a little flight down a galactic, laser cannon-fueled, memory lane then you’ll want to check out this little gem of game info from IGN –

Good Old Games made the announcement on its forums that both games will be coming to the service October 28 [Yup, today]. To make the deal even sweeter, the games will be available in their special edition forms, and for just ten bucks USD.


Almost everyone with a gaming PC in the 90s is familiar with both games in the series, considered by many to be the finest Star Wars games ever made. For those who’ve wanted to scratch either itch, the only option for most has been booting up a DOS emulator and bringing out the CD-ROMs.


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