Ottawa Comiccon 2016 – ‘Doctor Who’ Special Event

Ottawa Comiccon offered a new “add on” this year for convention ticket holders. The Doctor Who Special event was an extra ticketed event (with ticket prices ranging from $29 – $99).  Originally, the lineup included Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) and Alex Kingston (River Song), but Alex Kingston was unable to attend, so Michelle Gomez (Missy) stepped in to round out the panel.

Little was revealed about this “Special Event” leading up to the convention, other than the guests the time and the length of the panel (60 minutes). We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, so I jumped at the opportunity.

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Ottawa Comiccon doesn’t allow any recordings of their panels, but we were able to capture some great moments and quotes from Karen, Arthur and Michelle. Here are a few of the best:

  • The stage had some extra flare for the “Special Event” so each of the stars were introduced and emerged from the Tardis. I’m still not sure how I fell about Missy being in there.
  • If you could go anywhere in time & space, where would you go? Michelle Gomez said “Karen’s head.” Arthur Darvill said “I would travel and watch the Beatles play on the roof of Abbey Road Studios” Karen Gillan said “I would go as far into the future as possible… I believe that we won’t use our bodies any more and we’re going to be connected to computers.”
  • Karen Gillan was asked about her favorite moments in Guardians of the Galaxy and she said “I played a character called Nebula… I think my favorite moment was doing a massive fight sequence with Zoe Saldana, because she is amazing. I look like Spaghetti trying to fight…”
  • One fan asked the panel to sing the Doctor Who theme song, which they did. It was awesome.  Michelle and Karen carried the beat while Arthur hit the high notes. If only we could have shared that video with you….
  • One little girl (about 10 years old) got up and said “Everyone I know wants to marry Matt Smith, but I want to marry Rory – Will you Marry Me?” The crowd erupted with applause and a lot of “awww’s”

I really enjoyed the panel, but I’m still asking myself why this was a “special event.” Aside from some special stage props and guaranteed access, I’m not sure what made this panel different from others.

Did you attend the panel? What were your thoughts? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. it was going to be a “special event” because Alex Kingston was going to be there (not Michelle Gomez) so they were promoting it for moths as a “The Pond Family Reunion”

    Mind you this is only the 5 year of Ottawa Comic Con (Started in 2012) and a lot of attendies are from the area and don’t really go to other cons (and don’t really know that the word “special” is thrown around loosely )

    Now I’m assuming OCC , they needed some extra money for next year, to get more “big name/current” celebrities

    Just my two cents, hoped you had a great time in the nations capital

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