Ottawa Comiccon 2016 – Eliza Dushku

Though we have been to many conventions over the last few years, we hadn’t been lucky enough to catch Eliza Dushku. She is one of the main reasons I was excited about Ottawa Comiccon 2016 and I wasn’t about to miss her panel.

Dushku, best known for her role as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel, has an outstanding resume, including True Lies, Dollhouse, Tru Calling, Bring it On, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Banshee (an amazing show, if you aren’t already watching it).

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Ottawa Comiccon doesn’t allow any recordings of their panels, but we were able to capture some great moments and quotes from Eliza Dushku. Here are a few of the best:

  • Eliza said that she “tripped and fell into the business.”  She was at her brothers audition when she was 9 and got noticed. She always thought she would grow up and get a “real job.” When she did Buffy, she decided that acting was “powerful and it was affecting people.”
  • One fan asked if Eliza was #TeamAngel or #TeamSpike. She responded “I don’t know – I like both of those vamps. Their both good people. I fell like Angel showed Faith a little more love and compassion…. But maybe Spike was just misguided.”
  • Eliza was asked how she ended up in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. “I didn’t have an audition for it. I went to lunch with Kevin… He and Scott Mosier in L.A. We just cracked on each other for like two hours… Then he offered me that role.”
  • On the topic of Dollhouse, one fan asked what the most difficult part of playing Echo was. “Honestly, one of the most difficult parts of playing Echo was that blank-slate ‘I like Broccoli’ face, ya know. Because I am very expressive, in case you haven’t noticed. Joss would be like ‘deader, dead-eyes.’ It was hard to be so flat and empty.”
  • Another fan asked if it was difficult for Eliza and the rest of the cast & crew to go into Season 2 of Dollhouse, knowing it was going to end. “We were all super-bummed that it didn’t get to live longer, but truthfully I was super grateful at the same time that they let us finish the season, because the fact was it’s business…. When they put us in the Friday night death-slot in the U.S., people weren’t tuning in. It was unfortunate that it wasn’t one year later, because apparently we were one year behind from when DVR meant some something…. We were the most DVR’d show on Friday nights.”
  • Eliza’s mother founded THRIVEGulu, a charity that assists Northern Uganda’s healing from the traumatic events of war, and Eliza is on the board.

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