Ottawa ComicCon – Campbell’s Soup

written by Matt S (nerd & brother to a certain Nerd Fu founder)

The big draw did prove to be Bruce Campbell. His panel audience was huge and the lineup for his autograph spilled over into others and blocked off the less popular celebrity queues.

His Q&A panel unfortunately was a lot of show and pomp without much real Bruce. Like Dana describing Dr. Venkman in Ghostbusters he came across as more of a game show host. He created a rotating panel of audience members that he qualified as “interesting” prior to taking the stage. At times he was a little insulting and it seemed like a giant deflection from answering questions for himself, but the crowd seemed to be in support of the format and taking on the spotlight.

photos by Travis G (nerd & co-owner of Owly Design)

Campbell was charismatic and did finally answer a few questions at the end, as well as hosted an Ash-off costume contest that included three Ashettes as he referred to them. He gave the winner $5.

NBC just picked up a show starring him called Mission Control, produced by Will Ferrell. Taking place in the 60s, Campbell described it as Mad Men with jokes.

He also announced that Joe Lansdell is writing the sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep, my favorite Campbell movie.

Overall I am not soured to Bruce but probably won’t see another panel of his, but using his own answer to “will you ever reprise Ash?”, “Never say never.”

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