Ottawa ComicCon – Summer Time

written by Matt S (nerd & brother to a certain Nerd Fu founder)

Ok. So today Alderaan DID explode and millions of people screamed out in joy. Perhaps not millions but this place is stacked high to nerd capacity. A sea of Ottawans have swarmed to the EY centre for day 2 of Ottawa Comiccon. Today is panel day and our dance card is full: Summer Glau, Christopher Lloyd, Bruce Campbell, Edward James Olmos, and Leonard Nimoy (via Skype). Our first dance was in the Summer sun.

Ms. Glau entered the stage elegantly, her thin frame and long limbs highlighting her former ballet career. This session was all audience Q&A, and it seemed balanced between Terminator, Arrow, and Firefly queries.


On Firefly she spoke about getting the part. She was new to LA, working as a tango dancer, and had no acting experience.
“My resume was pretty much made up. Joss was the first person to take a chance on me. ”

Most fans are upset with the forced and incomplete wrapup of the Firefly series. When asked if she felt the show concluded to her satisfaction she said

“I think we needed about 9 or 10 more seasons, so no.”


Summer is shy with a charming vulnerability and it’s not so hard to believe that she had to conquer a fear of public speaking. Her performance anxiety continues though, and in Terminator she was embarrassed about running scenes.

“I’m a very awkward runner. I tried to convince directors that Cameron doesn’t run. She walks ominously.”

She does however embrace the strength of her characters when it comes to combat. She loves the part of River that gets to pound on Reavers and being a cyborg.

“When you’re a terminator you get to smash things. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that. ”

In similar Firefly cancellation sadness, another audience member asked about Summer’s feelings for the early demise of the show.

“It was the longest running series I was on so it was very hard to let go. ”

She makes no effort to hide that dancing is at her core and she both enjoys and feels the pressure that so many of her characters danced on screen.

“It’s a piece of my heart. It’s a piece of the fabric of who I am. ”

photos by Travis G (nerd & co-owner of Owly Design)


Our own Blair got to ask the final question of the panel.

“When you’re not incorporeally possessing a spaceship, what kind of cooking and food do you like?”

“My favorite meal is any kind of pasta,” said Summer. “If I’m ever in prison that would be my last meal.”

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