PAX Finds It’s Way to Texas with PAX South – Coming January 2015

Next January, Texas will be added to the menu options for the large gaming conference known as PAX! Already synonymous with some of the biggest fan conventions anywhere, PAX is sure to gather gaming fans of not just Texas but of the surrounding region as well. They say everything is bigger in Texas. I’m willing to bet they picked us for a reason….

Player One, get ready for…………. PAX South!


The Bottom Line: Pax South 2015

When: January 23-25, 2015

Where: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center  |  200 East Market St.  |  San Antonio, TX  78205

Ticket Prices: Friday $30  |  Saturday $30  |  Sunday $30  |  3-day passes are sold out!


Since tickets only very recently went on sale, and because (we’re guessing) the date is still a little ways off, there’s hardly any news right now on what to expect in regards to sneak peeks, panels, guest, exhibitors etc. but never fear! We’ll update everyone as more information starts trickling in.  We’re going to assume that as big as PAX and PAX East are that you’re probably going to want to score your tickets as soon as you spawn back. And for those of you interested in volunteering your precious console playing hours, you can catch info on being a PAX “Enforcer” here. Stay turned for more information!

Okay. You can press pause and keep playing your game.



Photo credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE


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  1. I want to go to there. (drool)

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