PAX South 2015 – Spotlight on GlomTom

When you were little, you sat on the floor (as close to the television as possible) while you played video games.  No amount of time or discomfort was going to stop you from getting to the next level or defeating the big boss.  As you got a little older, you moved to the couch or the comfy chair and kicked back a little to enjoy your gaming.  Somehow though, we found ourselves still leaning over, with our elbows on our legs, and before long your back and/or forearms paid the price.

Let’s face it, comfort has become a necessity for adult gamers, so when I saw the GlomTom, I was instantly hooked.  This IS the product I’ve been looking for.

WHAT IS GlomTom?

At first glance, the GlomTom looks like the cushion off of a small chair or an oversized neck pillow, but there’s much more than meets the eye:

The GlomTom is an ergonomic product designed for gamers by a gamer. It provides the physical ascension of your arms, wrists and hands which in turn elevates both mind and body as you lose yourself in whichever virtual worlds you chose to explore.


The GlomTom consists of supportive yet soft foam completely covered by delicate microfiber which feels warm and comfortable to your skin, yet easy to clean and maintain. The GlomTom is robust enough to keep its shape and support your arms, yet will provide the same quality of comfort day after day of use.


So basically, the GlomTom is a cushion that wraps around your mid-section, allowing you to rest your arms up higher, so you can sit back and relax, or at least sit upright, while you game.

Steve and I took the GlomTom for a test drive at PAX South and we both had the same reaction – MUST HAVE.

Here’s Steve trying to pretend that he doesn’t know he’s being photographed.


GlomTom-ClifWe spoke with Clif Chambliss (Founder of GlomTom) about this MUST HAVE product.

As a father of newborn children, I was holding babies a lot while gaming.  Newborns and gaming go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I just liked having my arms propped up.   As they grew older, I was still propping my arms up.  I just really liked that.

I did some research and there was just nothing out there to address what I wanted as a gamer.

Clif decided to make the product he wanted needed and took the project to Kickstarter.  The project was funded and the product is now available online and at shows like PAX.

While Clif’s reasons for wanting the GlomTom were different than mine and (probably) other gamers, it’s apparent that this awesome new product can serve many different fans, for many different reasons.

  • Console gamers
  • iPad users/gamers
  • Handheld gaming (like on a Nintendo 3DS or Playstation Vita)
  • …. we’re sure there are more uses

But wait…. there’s more!  That black area at the front of the GlomTom is not just for looks.  It’s actually a pocket that you can store your controller, candy or even a beverage! Although, you might wanna secure that drink before things get out of control.  Clif hinted at a possible cupholder accessory in the near future!!



If you’re as stoked about the GlomTom as we are, just head over to their website and order one up.  It costs about the price of a single console game.

*The current price is an introductory special for PAX and will increase but WILL include free shipping in the near future.

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