Pixel Pals – Your Next 8-Bit Obsession?

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I first stumbled onto Pixel Pals at the beginning of 2017, on a routine Pop! hunting trip to my local GameStop. There were several characters available, including Mario, Mega Man & Vault Boy. One of those figures soon joined my collection.

Pixel Pals - Mario


Pixel Pals, from peripheral maker PDP, are 8-Bit themed figures of your favorite arcade heroes…. that light up! Two AAA batteries is all it takes to illuminate the figures, which stand about 4″ tall and come in a box that just happens to have the exact same dimensions as a Funko Pop! box (genius move by the PDP team).

What really sets Pixel Pals apart from other fandom-centric collectibles is their Nintendo license, which they capitalized on right from the start.

Pixel Pals _ Lifestyle _ Shelf

Pixel Pals debuted as a GameStop exclusive and the line has expanded to include additional licenses:

  • Street Fighter – M. Bison, Chun-Li, Ryu and more
  • DC – Harley Quinn
  • Halo – Master Chief
  • Skyrim – Dragonborn


It looks as if Pixel Pals have done well for PDP. Last week they revealed upcoming figures that will expand on certain licenses and include some new ones.

We see a few Must Haves in there. How about you?



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