Podcast: Episode 200

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Episode 200.

Yup, you read that right – episode 200! While technically this is episode 100 of season 2, the Fu is at the 200 total episode mark of the Nerd Fu podcast! In this very special podcast, Steve and Sully reflect fondly on what’s going on presently with their lives, what Nerd Fu has been up to and thoughts and ideas about where Nerd Fu is going. Of course no show would be complete without the fellas trying to one-up each other with “points” while calling out “tidbits” and waiting for Sully to something that may or may not deserve an edit. Those watching (keep reading for details) even got to see the first reveal of new Fu merch coming soon!

The guys are joined on the show by some familiar faces and voices including The Intern, G-Spot, and Thaddeus Prime – each adding their own flavor to this bowl of awesome we call the Nerd Fu Podcast. There’s even a fun game (won by you-know-who) that the guys play a few times during the show. And speaking of the show itself, this special episode is not only available in an audio-only format, but your resident nerdy ninjas managed to Periscope the shenanigans in their entirety which can be watched here. The best part of the Periscope is that both of the guys were able to be on the stream together, despite the Houston-Seattle distance!

So sit back, relax, pour a little something stiff to drink and raise a glass with the leaders of the #FuTangClan and celebrate 200 episodes of the world famous….Nerd Fu Podcast.


#WerdFu Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans…

  • @TheSuicidefoxx – “What does Steve or Sully do that keeps the spark alive?”
  • @3beersandamic – “Will you answer my question this week?”
  • @ThaddeusPrime – “If you were a food, what would you be. Why?”
  • @Chloesamazshow – “What’s your favorite childhood movie?”

  • @vnilla_gorilla – “When are you bringing back the Intern? I hear he’s available for relocation. Asking for a friend.”

  • @Mark_Searby – “200? Jeez, you guys are smashing it. Is there on moment on the early podcasts that still makes you cringe?”

  • @ClintAndZach – “Favorite T-Shirt, today and ever? Thank you, THANK YOU for being a fantastic inspiration and resource to those of you years behind your greatness! Congrats on 200!”
  • @CollectorClint – “What is a collectable that does not currently exist, but you would love to see? I know you guys have at least one. 200 is a great milestone. What’s your plan for episode 500?”
  • @PadrickSalton – “I can’t wait to be part of a Texas Futang meetup with all you crazy Tx boys including @MulehornGaming @dannybenavides @vnilla_gorilla. How about a throwback “Get to know your nerd”? With Ready Player 1 around the bend how will you prepare for the movie/music Easter Eggs?”

  • @RealBenFeldman – “Any plans for a live show? At a con, hangout, etc? What is @CSSully’s official stance on the #SullivanConspiracy? We need answers!”

  • @Adam_Ratliff – “What are some of the coolest experiences made possible by your podcast & what are your favorite interactions with the community?”

  • @Sttepodcast – “If you could only record a podcast about one movie for the rest of your life which would it be?”
  • @Buttwasted – “Has there been a new show this season that you were looking forward to & found yourself disappointed in! Simpsons, Stargate, Family Guy & Smallville are among the shows that have reached 200 eps What’s your favorite 200th ep Of any show?”
  • @HTNOS – “The success of your podcast has already opened up many doors for you guys, what other things do you hope to accomplish with Nerd Fu? Since episode 1, what are the key changes/implementations you’ve made that have gotten you where you are now at episode 200?”
  • @CorgiKohmander – “Quick! List as many inside joke phrases & sayings that have come from the Nerd Fu podcasts & periscopes (i.e. porch tuna, point) Will the clock be a giveaway for the 200th episode? I’m sure you’ve learned a lot of ins and outs of podcasting after 200 episodes. What lesson(s) do you wish you learned way earlier?”
  • @Mellowturtle – “If you were a hotdog and you were starving would you eat yourself?”
  • @Elmachas – “Also, congratulations for the 200th episode. Couldn’t be happier for you and the great community you have created! When was the last time someone called you guys: Nerd F-U?”
  • @IncredableBulk – “Congrats on the 200th podcast guys hope many more to come!”
  • @JoelFromSD – “Congratulations guys!!! Keep up the amazing work!”
  • @Larry_uu – “Congrats on 200! Best four years of my life since high school!”
  • @AngusMaximus – “Congrats!”
  • @GuardianOutpost – “Congrats guys!! I hope to run into you guys again one day!”
  • @NinjaBunnyJenn – “Congrats on 200! Did y’all think it would come this far? What are y’all planning for Halloween?”
  • @NightBodega – “Have u ever considered having Melissa & Ginge do the Nerd Fu podcast in ur place. Melissa replaces Sully, Ginge replaces Steve. Sully & Steve in the background cooking or drinking. Making comments in the background. Can you retell how Sully, Steve & intern all met, ur 1st comments u received for the podcast & why u chose ur recording locations (all).Congrats on 200 episode. Well deserved. What other names did you have in mind for the podcast besides Nerd Fu when you started.”
  • @EnglishmanSDCC – “Has your drinking matured or evolved since starting the podcast? Or is it still a case of ‘If it’s got bubbles and does the trick…?”
  • @GB_Reviews – “What is the most important thing you have learned since starting the podcast?”
  • @Crazy4Comiccon – “Congrats nerds! Our community is better because of you two!”
  • @JohnnyCisco52 – “Congratulations my friends on 200!! That is amazing!! Well done. How does it feel to have created this amazing community?”

Special thanks to Austin Eastciders for their support!

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

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