Podcast: CONversation – D23 & SDCC Prep with guest Chris Wall (S02E88)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 2: Episode 88.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for. This week’s episode tosses our regular show format out the window as we talk to a great friend of ours and discus prepping for two big upcoming conventions – D23 and San Diego Comic-Con!

This special CONversation is with friend of the show Chris Wall with Boxes in Action! Chris has been going strong since around 2013 with his business, providing amazing comic book storage boxes to collectors around the country. If you’ve never checked out his boxes before, you’re doing it wrong. Forgot those old, plain, weak and BORING white comic boxes and say hello to Boxes in Action!

We had a great time getting to chat with Chris in the Dojo about how he got started, what made him decide to get into the storage box game and where he sees things going in the future. Afterwards, Chris was kind enough to hang out with us as we talked about D23, SDCC and our tips for choosing what to take and how to tackle these monster cons.

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As of 7/5/17 – 3 Day tickets and Saturday single-day tickets are sold out. Single day Friday & Sunday still available.

Full schedule up now on d23.com

See What the Walt Disney Studios is bringing to D23 – [d23.com]

Things to Know about D23 – [d23]


• Official release of the SDCC Schedule should be this week

• Many panels have already been announced by the companies holding them

  • WB Pilot Screenings on Preview Night (July 19)

Free WiFi coming back to the Gaslamp for San Diego Comic-Con (Cox Communications)

SyFy bringing The Magicians, The Expanse, 12 Monkeys, Happy!, Krypton, Van Helsing, Wynona Earp, Z Nation, Dark Matter, Ghost Wars, Sharknado AND a Battlestar Galactica Reunion to SDCC – [Nerdist]

Netflix bringing Bright, Death Note, Defenders, Stranger Things and a Surprise Screening at the Horton Grand Theater (one of their original films) + The Netflix Experience (offsite) at The Hilton Gaslamp Hotel – [Nerdist]

FX bringing Legion, Archer and The Strain – [Bleeding Cool]

Recent Exclusives revealed by: Monogram International, Super7, SILA / Han Cholo (Grayskull and Voltron pins), Loungefly, Jada Toys (giving away free Nano Metalfigs), Bait, Ninjabot

Offsite Events: The Tick Takeover (Amazon) – Corner of 1st and MLK Promenade, AMC Deadquarters – MLK Promenade(in front of Hilton Gaslamp Hotel)


General Tips

  • Research, research, research – Know an exclusive you want? Find out what the vendor will require (ahead of time), find out time/place for the awesome parties, etc.
  • Download the app for the con you’re attending and keep it updated
  • Review the schedules – Make a plan and have a backup in case you can’t make it to panel
  • Keep your cell phone charged at all times
  • Go to the store BEFORE the con begins and stock up on (and save money on) snacks, bottled water and daily health items like hand sanitizer and headache/allergy meds

Other Resources

In addition to the information we’ve provided, there are plenty of awesome people out there who have been doing this for as long as (or longer) than we have and are great resources for planning for your CONs:

For Fun


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