Podcast: SDCC 2017 Post Game Show (S02E90)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 2: Episode 90.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for. This week’s episode tosses our regular show format out the window because we’re in total SDCC 2017 mode! We’ve looked at the panel schedule, outside activations and some pretty awesome exhibitor exclusives and have provided a pretty comprehensive list below of Comic-Con standouts.

Of course, everything you see below is not everything you’ll see at the Con this year but it’s a good start for sure. Don’t forget one of biggest mottos of any con: research, research, research! And with that……let’s jump right into it.

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Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans

  • @DeLoreanWolfgng – “Were there any disasters that ya’ll witnessed or was apart of?”
  • @Nightbodega – “Did you all do anything special once you got home from SDCC, besides sleep? What did you all drink (beer or liquor) while at SDCC. Favorite adult drink you like having? Steve, were you nervous prior to the Friday panel you were on?”
  • @AngusMaximus – “One event/exclusive you missed out on at SDCC? One item you forgot to bring with you to SDCC?”
  • @TheSuicidefoxx – “Favorite candy to eat when it’s not Halloween? Favorite energy drink or tea?”
  • @ThaddeusPrime – “What was the best and the worst cosplay you guys saw?”
  • @PadrickSalton – “What was the most outrageous cosplay you guys saw?”
  • @Luckynala323 – “How do we get Austin Eastciders to sponsor the Nerd Fu SDCC 2018 party?”
  • @Elmachas – “What’s the weirdest thing you saw at SDCC?”
  • @JohnnyCisco52 – “What was the worst part of SDCC”
  • @GB_Reviews – “Sully, what was the hardest thing about transitioning from attendee to exhibitor? Steve, what did Ginger think of her first experience?”
  • @Cyberaug – “Was there an event you knew about before the con or didn’t know about it until after the con?”
  • @MulehornGaming – “Best part of SDCC this yearr for you guys?”
  • @Sweeper4 – “Now that SDCC is over, is there anything that you are unexpectedly excited for?”




    • Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Panel opened with animated short featuring Eggsy freerunning through the streets and ending up back at the Kingsmen HQ, where he meets Archer (hilarity ensues), awesome fight scene between C-Tates and Taron, Halle Berry put down a half pint glass full of whiskey on stage (other co-stars only had shots)
    •  Brigsby Bear – Hall H crowd shown a very interesting and bizarre bit of footage for the film, looks interesting
    • Teen Wolf – Just about everyone from the show was on the panel, Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien pretty much took the leads and everyone recounted what it was like working on the show and what it meant to them, Posey on the verge of tears through most of the panel with O’Brien close behind, O’Brien credits TW to launching his career now, Posey said no matter where everyone goes that he’ll never forget them or what the show means to him
    • Death Note – Terry Crews kills it as a moderator for both Netflix films, some of the cast on stage, crowd shown footage of the main character Light meeting Ryuk the Shinigami for the first time and telling Light how the Death Note notebook works, footage ends right before the kill happens
    • Bright – Crews moderates again and brings out main cast for Bright including Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Lucy Fry, shown full trailer and extended footage of a fight scene in a store (epic), Smith says that Bright is like “Training Day smashed with the Lord of the Rings”, David Ayer comments that Bright gave him the chance to make the movie he wanted to and not some weak forced “PG-13” movie
    • Nerdist – Chris Hardwick moderates and welcomes Jessica Chobot, Dan Casey, Rachel Heine, Kyle Hill, Andrew Bowser and Joan Ford – Hardwick talks to each of his co-workers about how things came together for them and what each of their jobs mean to them, also talked briefly about the end of @Midnight and moving onto newer things


    • Ready Player One – (head explosion #1) Hardwick moderates as Steven Spielberg, Ernest Cline, and small portion of the cast takes the stage, the first full trailer for the film is shown and looks incredible, major nerd sightings include the Iron Giant, the Back to the Future DeLorean the red bike from Akira, Joust, Freddy Krueger and more, Spielberg says that most things from his films will not be in the final movie but the DeLorean had to be included for sure, Cline and Spielberg say that most of the big scenes in the book will only be hinted at or referenced in the film
    • Blade Runner 2049 – A hologram of Jared Leto greets the crowd, a timeline of the events that have happened since the first Blade Runner until the present day of the new film is shown on the big side screens in the room, Harrison Ford gives Hardwick a hard time again, Lennie James still can’t believe that he’s part of this film,
    •  Aquaman – Jason Momoa surprises fans by running from the back of Hall H through the crowd and onto the stage (all while holding his trident), first teaser trailer is shown for the film
    • Justice League – Momoa is joined onstage by Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher, Miller and Momoa pretty much steal the panel, Miller recalls being onset early on still fanboy-ing out on the other actors and being told to quit touching them so much, a fan asks Momoa about the teaser for Aquaman and the fleet of ships shown and who might they belong to – Momoa says screw it, if he gets in trouble he gets in trouble and shares the info that the fleet belongs to Ocean Master (his brother)
    • Stranger Things – Patton Oswalt moderates and welcomes just about everyone from the show except for Winona Ryder, crowd showed new trailer for season 2, David Harbour says that “in Hawkins, in the end, no one is safe” when talking about character death, Barb aka Shannon Purser asks question from the audience disguised as a fan and surprise everyone, Purser asks if Barb will be in season 2 and is then invited up onto the stage, several panelists say “no” to Barb being in season 2 but there will be “justice for Barb”
    • Westworld – Reggie Watts moderates, a funny outtakes video is shown before the panel, a huge portion of the cast is there, I was kinda lost to be honest 🙂


  • The panel starts with a super hilarious sizzle reel with Paul Rudd and Michael Pena recapping to “someone” all the events that have taken place so far in films and who everyone is, turns out they’re talking to Michelle Pfeiffer about playing Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and The Wasp and early concept footage was shown
  • The cast and director for Thor: Ragnarok took the stage next and gave the crowd and badass extended preview of the film, Mark Ruffalo gives away that this film may or may not have a “speaking Hulk” – which turns out that the Hulk does indeed talk now and refuses to turn back into Banner, director Taika Waititi says with this Thor they wanted to go in a direction that was new and fresh, something we haven’t seen before
  • The cast and director for Black Panther took stage after Thor, crowd shown footage of a fight scene in a casino which looked incredible, director Ryan Coogler says making this film really struck a chord with him as he remember being a young black kid and pretending to be all these white superheroes until Black Panther came along and he finally found someone he really could connect with, Michael B. Jordan said he’s character has his eyes on throne, Danai Gurira says that there was very little overlap with her character’s fighting style and motion when compared to Michonne
  • And finally…….as Kevin Feige tries to tell us in the crowd that those three previous films were all they brought, director Joe Russo comes out and uppercuts that nonsense right out of Hall H and gives fans the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War!

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