Pop! Games – World of WarCraft, Diablo and StarCraft coming soon

And the Pop! news continues to roll in.  Yesterday we received word from our friends at Funko that they’ll soon be releasing new Pop! figures for not one, not two but THREE of the biggest game titles out there.

The wait is over.
The new Pop! Games characters are finally here!

Pop! Games: World of WarCraft

Straight from the world of Azeroth…
Arthas and Illidan have received the Pop! treatment!
These Pop!’s can explore, battle, and journey with the best!

Available October 24th

Fans might remember that a SDCC exclusive Illidan was released back in July and is still one of the most popular Pop!’s (parden the pun) out there.

Pop! Games: Diablo

More games!
Check out these Pop!’s from the Diablo universe!
Can you believe that we made Diablo, The Lord of Terror, look so snuggly?!

Available October 24th

Pop! Games: Starcraft

Last but not least…
Lets travel to 2499 and meet our StarCraft Pop!’s!
They look like they’re ready to battle the Zerg!
The perfect companion to your journey through the galaxy.

Available November 21st



In case you aren’t familiar with the way Pop! releases their figures, it is important to note a couple of things:

  • The “available” dates above don’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to walk into your local retailer/comic book store and pick these up on the date listed.  It sometimes takes weeks or months before they actually get the stock in, so call before you head out, or….
  • Pre-Order – If you see something you like above and want to add it to your collection, don’t hesitate. Go online and pre-order the figure(s) now.  There are many great online Pop! retailers, like FugitiveToys, EntertainmentEarth, ToyWiz, etc. that will take your order now and ship when they get in their stock.

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