Release Date Now Unknown for ‘Bad Boys 3’

Sad news for fans (like us) of the Bad Boys films as it appears we will have to wait even longer now for the third film. Entertainment Weekly reports that Bad Boys 3 (a.k.a. Bad Boys for Life), which had a release date of November 9, 2018, now has gotten pushed to an unknown date. We’re crossing fingers that it doesn’t go away completely but we know that may just be wishful thinking. We would really, really hate to see this movie join the likes of the World War Z sequel and the Gambit film.

Previous director for the film Joe Carnahan left the project back in March of this year but tweeted it was just due to “scheduling conflicts” and building a company. These films are fan favorite action movies for several reasons but the chemistry between Smith and Lawrence is obviously the key to the whole thing. With that being said, we’re also hoping that idea brings in a few potential names to sit in the director’s chair that can help wrangle this whole project.

Release Date Now Unknown for 'Bad Boys 3'

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