RTX 2013 – Saturday Rundown

Today is officially the second day of RTX 2013, but NerdFu just arrived on the scene this morning and we thought we’d update everyone on what we’ve seen so far.


Making RT Merch

Rooster Teeth - Fish ShirtWe started the day off with the creative minds behind the Rooster Teeth’s shirts and merchandise. Panelists Tom Lusardi, Brian Behm and Jon Risinger talked about their process for creating shirts like “Fish” and answered questions from the audience.


Achievement Hunter

Talk about awesome! Panelists Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Ray Narvaez, Jr, Ryan Haywood and Lindsey Tuggey told some behind-the-scenes stories about Achievement Hunter (a core component of Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel).  These guys (and gal) were hilarious. The panel ended with Jack Pattillo (third from the left) doing the Truffle Shuffle at the request of a fan.

More photos from the panel can be found in our post RTX 2013 – Achievement Hunter Panel [PHOTOS]



Next: Halo 4 Summer 2013

Halo - Champions BundleModerator Jessica Shea, 343’s Franchise Director Frank O’Connor, Community Producer Andy “BRAVO” Dudynsky, Steve Young (Certain Affinity) and Red vs Blue’s Gus Sorola shared some AWESOME news with fans – a new DLC Champions Bundle –  available August 20th for 800 Microsoft Points.

The Champions Bundle is made up of the Infinity Armour Pack (which contains three armor skins), the Steel Skins Pack (which includes some awesome weapon skins) and the Bullseye Pack, which includes two new multiplayer maps, including a refresh of fan favorite Pit – now called Pitfall in the new DLC.

The team walked us through all of the new content and even brought out several members of Achievement Hunters to test out Ricochet, a new game mode where two teams compete to score against the other team by throwing or carrying the ball into the enemy’s territory. Ricochet will be an exclusive to those who purchase the Champions Bundle (at least for the first two weeks – then everyone has access).

Photos from the panel can be found in our post RTX 2013 – What’s Next: Halo 4 Summer 2013 [PHOTOS]



Early on Saturday, before the crowds got too crazy, Steve and I were able to walk the RTX show floor and check out some of the games that made their way to the convention. We saw several that looked like fun, but the only one (other than Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag) that really caught my attention was Loadout, from Edge of Reality games.  One look at the gun customization and graphics and I headed for the nearest open computer to give it a shot.

Loadout“Loadout is a new, outrageous multiplayer shooter that’s all about building guns and having fun. Although Loadout is a 3rd-Person shooter, it feels more like a first-person shooter, but with 10 times the agility.” That’s a spot-on description of the game from the Loadout website.  After only one multiplayer game I was hooked and can’t wait to jump on Steam to try this one out further.

RetroDuo Portable

RetroDuo PortableVendors were a big part of the action (as you might expect) and we saw some pretty amazing things, but one item really stood out to the NerdFu crew – the RetroDuo Portable. This handheld gaming system, available from Game Over Videogames, lets you play your old Nintendo and SNES games on-the-go or you can connect to a television and play.

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