RTX 2014 – Saturday Rundown

The RTX madness didn’t stop on Saturday! Saturday saw what felt like triple the fans at the Austin Convention Center. Our day was pretty full with great panels, a game announcement that had us cheering and drooling, and one frag-tastic private after party! Check out the details below…



Achievement Hunter

RTX came out swinging on Saturday with one of the their funniest and craziest panels – Achievement Hunter! When Jack, Gavin, Lindsay, Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Micheal, Caleb, and Kdin took their seats up on stage, it almost appeared like it was going to be a regular wild and fun panel.Instead, instead it quickly turned into the scene from Matrix Reloaded where the folks in Zion are offering things up to Neo. The fans were offering stuff up left and right and the AH crew were very thankful of every single item that was given! The conversation was more like a scattering of topics and the whole panel jumped around and made fun each other and of course they were all pretty funny. Especially a VERY vocal Ray! Love that guy.

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Here are a few highlights from the panel:

      • A fan from the UK got on the mic and told Gavin that if he lived here, one thing he’d miss would be a candy called Percy Pigs. Gavin replied that he loved Percy Pigs! The fan in-turn produced a bag that he brought for Gavin and gave it to him on stage. Gavin was ecstatic…
      • Fan: “When are gonna get the debut album from the AH Boy Band?” Panel: “When everyone goes deaf!”
      • Fan: “What are some of the boring things that takes place or what are some problems that you run into?” Geoff: In terms of Let’s Play – usually a game that isn’t working or boring…..like Magic the Gathering or Contagion. Also usually if we’re having an ‘off’ day or when we’re having technical difficulties..”
      • Fan: “Are gonna get any more Dubstep remixes? Lindsay: “We’ll see. No, we actually have some more of those Dubstep things in the works now…”
      • Towards the end and another fan gives a gift (after many gifts have been given)….Jack asks if next year they can just register somewhere for gifts…

343 Industries Panel

Once out of the AH panel, we made a run for the 343 Industries panel! Along with Certain Affinity sharing the stage with 343, this was probably the biggest draw for RTX this year. Gamers were treated to some very exciting and exclusive sneak peaks of the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition game!  Get the details in our 343 Industries article


The party’s full name was a little longer – “The 1st Annual One Time Only Retro Rumble Halo 2 Duel Wield Drink Fest 2014 Championship Extravaganza” – and was incredible! Sully and I arrived at The Market Bar and we made our way around on inside taking everything all in. The good men and women of RT and 343 had rented out the ENTIRE Market Bar and provided food and adult refreshments for those attending. We walked in and the first thing we noticed was the eight GAEMS stations that had Halo 2 loaded up for a LAN party right there in the bar. Players could sit down and take turns for a little nostalgia of H2 while the spectators could view the action on 2 huge screens mounted up in the ceiling.

After short while the place really started filling up. Rooster Teeth alums Gus, Burnie, Gavin, Joel, Barbara, and few others showing up later. More frag-tastic fun started when RT captains were picked tho lead their own team assembled of Halo stellar talent. There some Players of the Year in attendance and the domination and skill could be seen in the rounds of play. With the gaming, incredibly cool people, drinks flowing, and the great food to be had there, we couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday night!


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