RTX 2015 – Game Over

RTX 2015 has sadly ended but it was a great ride! We got to see some great panels, cosplay, cool merch on the show floor, and even got some hands-on time with some new games coming out soon! Like we’ve said before, if you haven’t been to RTX in Austin, you owe it yourself to try and make it out at least once. It’s like the guys and girls at Rooster Teeth put on a small party and invite all of their fans to come out and mingle together.



Red vs Blue

The Red vs Blue panel for RTX 2015 was a little more subdued than the previous years. And Miles Luna put the question to bed as to why almost immediately when he said he was “still hurtin’ from last night”. Classic. He wasn’t  alone though. Joining him on the panel were Josh Ornelas, Kyle Taylor, Joel Mann, Dustin Matthews, Matt Hullum, and of course….Mr. Burnie Burns. The guys went back and forth in their usual witty banter and took some questions from fans. There were some poignant moments also, especially one moment where a fan stood up and held a sign in memorium for RvB character General Donald Doyle. Once she stood up and fans quickly read and saw the sign, a sweeping “awwww” arose from the audience causing Luna bring her up. He saw the sign then asked Doyle’s voice actor Gray Haddock (who was sitting in the crowd) to come up and read the sign, which he did. Haddock read “I’d like to quote the great William Shakespeare, but, to tell you the truth…I don’t actually think he said it.”

Cheers erupted. Luna said that was actually a very difficult thing to do with Doyle’s character. He said he even had to close his laptop after writing that episode and go for a walk. Not everything was heavy in the panel though. One of the most exciting things to come out was the glimpse we got of  of the RvB crew new blockbuster coming out – Sarge 2: Sarge Harder. We won’t give anything away but sweet warthog it looks good! It immediately initiated Sully and I to get caught up on our Red vs Blue!

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


Ubisoft brought Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to the big screen at RTX this year. With new gameplay footage fired up, fans were treated to seeing Evie take a mission where she demonstrated her stealth, combat skills, and proficiency using a couple of sweet toys like the grappling hook and “Berserker Darts.”. For those that don’t know, in AC Syndicate, you’ll be able to play the game as Jacob and Evie Frye, a pair of twins that have different characteristics. Evie has a more deft touch in regards to stealth while her brother Jacob is more of the “punch first, ask questions later” type. Gamers can look forward to more ACS when it drops October 23rd later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege

rainbox 6

Syndicate wasn’t the only game that Ubisoft brought with them. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege took center stage and had fans drooling. The throwback action of the older RS games is back with ferocity and crazy smooth graphics. The mechanics of the game are wicked too in the sense of what appeared to be very intelligent A.I. in the game. While demonstrating a few rounds Rainbow Six Siege, I couldn’t help but notice that the A.I. was probably the best in type of FPS I had played in awhile. This was further driven home when I actually got some hands-on time with Siege at their booth. I played around 3 rounds and loved it more each time. I’d seen some early gameplay footage and after the first round I immediately knew why the hype was warranted. The enemy A.I. seemed very calculating in their attacks and proved worthy even on an easy setting. Though I didn’t get to spend too much on the loadout selection process pre-game, I noticed and was told that you’ve got major gear at your disposal. This game is definitely going on my “must have” list. Rainbow Six Siege hits stores October 13th this year.


We’ve put another RTX Event to bed but you know we’ll be back next year for more news, the latest games, cool cosplay, and more hands-on game experience! Like we always say, if you haven’t made to one of Rooster Teeth’s RTX cons then you should try and make one. Not only is it a great convention due it’s scale (not too big and not too small), but for all the genre’s of gamers out there! Keep an eye and ear on the RTX Event home page to learn more about next year and maybe we’ll see you there!

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