RTX 2016 – [ Pre-Game ]

The Nerd Fu Crew and The Intern are gearing up to head up to Austin, Texas this Friday for the craziness that is RTX 2016! Fans have already made short work of the 3-day VIP pass as it’s currently sold out, but you can still grab single day passes as well as the non-VIP weekend pass. We’ll be covering all the madness we can breathe in while we were there. We’re also looking forward to seeing friendly faces we’ve met since last year! If you are or were able to score tickets, then consider it game on and look for the Nerd Fu shirts and be sure to say hi.

Austin-based Rooster Teeth has driven this party since it’s humble beginnings in 2011 where they had only a few exhibitors and around 600 attendees. Ready to hear numbers for 2015? Pause your game and check this out:

  • 95 exhibitors
  • 40,000 attendees
  • 68,000 pieces of merch sold
  • 227,000 sq.ft. of space is used to hold RTX – which included the convention center itself plus 2 hotels

What Is This “RTX” That We Speak Of?

Where Gaming Meets the Internet.

That’s the theme of Rooster Teeth’s convention. The Rooster Teeth crew puts on this convention in Austin, Texas. Personalities attend from their web shows like RWBY, Red vs Blue, The Slow Mo Guys, Happy Hour, Immersion and Achievement Hunter. Need a little more clarification? No problemo.

RTX is a convention hosted by Rooster Teeth, where we celebrate internet culture and gaming. There are exhibitors, live events on our Gaming Center Stage, panels, activities, and more.

What Should You Expect?

RTX combines some of the best and most fun game and gamer-centric programming out there. Every year of this convention sees thousands of Rooster Teeth fans who come from all the country and the world to take in the experience. That includes RT’s hilarious panels, exciting industry news from developers, hands-on time with games (of course), cosplay, and wicked smart merch!


 Twitch is the official live stream partner of RTX 2016 and will give fans all over the world the chance to see all the action on Twitch.tv/RoosterTeeth


ScrewAttack is bringing their SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention) to RTX this year which includes programming and huge arcades


Pizza Hut returns as the title sponsor of RTX and will bring back their fun-filled RetroBytes Arcade to the showfloor

Panels and Evening Events

Some of the panels and events on the RTX 2016 schedule we hope to check out are The Slow Mo Guys, Million Dollars, But…LIVE, Achievement Hunter, Red vs. Blue, Mario Party After Dark, Black Nerd Comedy, Amiibo Cockfight, and Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks

Exhibitors and Sponsors

You can’t have a great con without some kickass booths right? Crews from Alienware, Rocket League, Astro, Gunnar and more will there to supply fans with a ready supply of awesomeness.

Our Coverage

We’ll be providing some write-ups, snapping photos, and possibly some hardware/software reviews and/or interviews. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what we see!

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