SDCC 2017 – Nerd Fu to Invade Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is here! The big event of the year is finally here and you know we couldn’t be more excited! While this year may be different for the Nerd Fu crew (with Sully having the new “gig”), the fellas will still be there but they won’t be alone. A handful of the Nerd Fu #FuTangClan will also be there to hangout, party and share the SDCC experience with us. We do love the Con but getting to see our close friends (even if it’s once a year) is pretty special to us to as well.

Our mission: To bring you, our fans and followers, all the best news, photos, reveals & more from Comic-Con.

SDCC 2017 - Nerd Fu to Invade Comic-Con


As we mentioned above, Sully and Steve may have to be split-up while at Comic-Con this year but we’re still going to try and tackle it the best we can. Fun will be had, snaps of panels and cosplay will be taken, and notes from panels will be jotted down.

SDCC 2017 - Nerd Fu to Invade Comic-Con

  • Live Updates / Surprises / Breaking News – SDCC is ground zero for just about every single piece of earth-shattering nerd-related news. Getting the info as fast as we can to you our fellow fans is a top priority. All we require is that the “Data Connection Gods” be merciful while inside the convention. If you’ve been there, you know what we mean.
  • Off-site events – When we aren’t in Hall H or on the convention floor, we are out in the Gaslamp District (right across the street) or at another off-site venue doing something fun. In years past, we’ve gone to events like Nerd HQ, the Nerdist Podcast Live, an IMAX Party, and more. Here are some events we’re looking forward to this year:
    • TRON ’80s Dance Party – Blonde Bar is San Diego will be taken over by the GRID – DETAILS
    • SYFY Fan Party – Syfy and The Nerd Machine are joining forces to throw a few killer themed dance parties – DETAILS
    • Funko Fundays – THE Funko event of the year – SOLD OUT
    • Conival – Nerdist Laser Tag, Geek & Sundry Tabletop Lounge, and more – DETAILS
  • Swag and exclusives – What is Comic-Con without exclusives?  We’re going to do everything we can to get our hands on some sweet swag and exclusives. We’ll stand in line, fight the crowds (in a respectful manner), beg and plead if we have to. We’ll be keeping an eye on booths like Mondo, Funko, Hasbro, Titan Entertainment, Factory Entertainment, Hallmark, Shout! Factory, Han Cholo and more.

SDCC 2017 - Nerd Fu to Invade Comic-Con


We’ll share as much content as we can, from photos to big reveals. If you can’t attend, or you just want to see what SDCC is like from a different point of view, here is where you can catch our updates (in order of how often we’ll be sharing):

  • Twitter (@theNerdFu) – expect a lot of action here, especially during the panels. It’s quick and easy, so we share a lot!
    frequency: 10-20 tweets a day
  • Instagram (@theNerdFu) – we love sharing photos and we can guarantee some original images that won’t be seen elsewhere
    frequency: 5-10 posts a day
  • Facebook (NerdFu) – expect a few posts to show up on your timeline each day and give us a like, comment & share – every interaction helps us out
    frequency: 3-5 posts a day
  • – And (of course) we’ll be pulling together some posts when we have a few seconds free!  Most posts will come a day or two after the panels.  It takes us a little while to catch up.

Follow along on all our social media channels, bookmark the blog and, above all else, interact! That’s right.  Like, comment, share, ask us questions, comment on your favorite photos, etc.  #NerdsUnite

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Co-founder of Nerd Fu, mild-mannered artist, gamer, movie aficionado, SDCC disciple.

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