SDCC Surprize Pack Giveaway – 2015

San Diego Comic-Con begins in less than two days! The Nerd Fu crew will be there to cover the SDCC excitement and report back to fans on what’s happening here in San Diego, but we’ll also be on the lookout for swag and exclusives.

For those of you attending SDCC, we know it’s tough to score exclusives.  For the rest of the world, following along from home and drooling over the tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook updates, the chance to get any exclusives would normally only come from over-priced eBay auctions.

So, we bring you the SDCC Surprize Pack Giveaway.  That’s right, we’re gonna score some SDCC Exclusives and give them away.
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See those red dots up there. We’ll start replacing those numbers with SDCC exclusives as we make it through the week.  There will be AT LEAST four prizes, but we’ve already worked with some partners to make sure there will be more than that.

Reveal #1 – Prizes provided by Factory Entertainment

Reveal #2 – Prize provided by Loungefly

Reveal #3 – Prizes obtained by the Nerd Fu boys

Reveal #4 – Prizes provided by Factory Entertainment

Have any doubts about our ability to bring you these awesome exclusives.  Just check out what we did last year at SDCC – 2014 Comic Con Surprize Pack Giveaway!



We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win 20+ extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there will most likely be some extra entries just for subscribers
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen

Good luck everyone!



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  1. Thanks nerd-fu for the chance much love!!!

  2. almost as good as being there thx

  3. That Archer pillow is too funny!

  4. My boys would go NUTS over this win! My 13 yr is set on save money for comic con! Like ♡ and shared GLA

  5. Shiny xxx

  6. I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of bubblegum.

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