Slash Boxes from Boxes in Action

There are comic book boxes and then there are Boxes in Action!

Boxes in Action, who we first ran into at Space City Comic Con back in 2013, saw the need for a change in how we store our comic books and collectibles.  The old, plain white boxes that we’ve all been using forever were so boring and, honestly not very well built, so BiA created their own line of awesome boxes, starting with the design “Born to Avenge,” which was an instant success.

Fast forward to 2015 and here we are, with another new box design – “Slash Boxes.”

Slash Box - Boxes in Action - Square


It isn’t difficult to make out the inspiration behind this awesome new design and, if you look closely, you can make out the “slashes” on the side of the box. These aren’t just part of the artwork, they are ACTUAL slashes cut out of the side of the box to reveal the blue layer beneath. It’s an awesome, creative element that can only truly be appreciated in person.

Just imagine your collection lined up against the wall in these new boxes. That boring old white box has had it’s day. It’s time for an upgrade!


Currently, Texas residents can find Boxes in Action at many local comic shops OR you can visit the Boxes in Action Facebook page for more information.

You can even order boxes right there on their Facebook page.  Just look for the “STORE” app on the left side of the page, under ABOUT.

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