Smallworks Makes “Big” Splash With the BrickCase

While at Wizard World Austin a few weeks ago, I saw many different vendors on the exhibition floor. From selling the latest pop culture inspired tee shirts to comic book bins that went on for days. When attending these cons, we’re used to sometimes seeing the same tables multiple times but that day was different. Among the vast selection of vendors there, I came across a company that I’ve never heard of before showcasing several products I hadn’t seen before. That company is Austin-based Smallworks and the product is BrickCase.


As I mentioned above, Smallworks operates out of Austin, Texas and focuses on making BrickCases, hard ABS plastic cases, for several of Apple’s most popular products. Here’s a little about their company:

The SmallWorks BrickCase is the brain child of a 12 year old LEGO fan, who thought it would be fantastic to add LEGO bricks to his hand-me-down iPhone.   Always ready to support clever children with  great ideas, we worked out how to make an iPhone case with LEGO compatible studs.  It’s harder than it looks!  You can see some of the early development process at


Developed initially for the iPhone 4/4S, we have also developed a case for the iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4th gen, and iPad mini.  We quickly found that everyone loves a good LEGO product, whether made by LEGO or by their die hard legion of AFOL, TFOL or child fans.  MOCs (My Own Creations) with SmallWorks BrickCase products can be found across the web on Facebook, Pinterest, Flckr, Tumblr and a hundred other sites.


There are a lot of cases out there to choose from but few that you can actually have some fun and interact with while still providing protection. The BrickCase provides all of that. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy the case was. The hard plastic was anything but flimsy and the studs on the back were not obtrusive at all. In fact, the hard ABS plastic shell and studs proved to be even more comfortable in my hand and gave the surface area on the back of the phone a little more grip.

article 2

Putting the case on was pretty simple and took maybe a minute or two. If needed, there’s a quick three step diagram on the back of the packaging. Once placed the correct way, I pressed down on one side of the phone and felt the right “click” of the phone slide into place. Snug as a bug! The BrickCase fit my iPhone 5 perfectly. I also loved how slim the profile of my phone remained.  And should you be one of those people who place their phone face down, the edges of the case are raised just enough to lift the phone slightly so the delicate screen is not touching the surface.

article 3

The BrickCase has openings where it matters most. The bottom had the opening for the headphone jack and the Lightening connector for the phone. Both connections fit into the ports and did not rub the case. The top had the opening for the power/sleep button and there were no issues there either. The BrickCase’s opening on the left side gave way to the mute switch and volume buttons and the back’s opening for the camera was sunken in just a bit to make sure the lens didn’t touch the surface of whatever you happen to lay the phone on.

article_bottom opening

article_top opening


After playing with reviewing the case, I have to say that anyone looking for a fun, sturdy case that stands out in the Apple “sea of phone cases,” should give the BrickCase a try. For the “bricklayer” at heart, there are many different ways to customize the case since it is LEGO-compatible and I got a chance to see some pretty sweet designs at the show. And even if you don’t have the urge to build on your case, the bright and fun colors at will definitely add some hip points you iPhone. Smallworks is also working on a case that will fit the new iPad Mini with Retina. That case may ready as soon as January 2014!

Be sure to keep your eyes on Smallworks and their BrickCase through any of their social channels and are available for purchase at the Smallworks website and multiple retail locations and online outlets like Amazon as well. Prices for all the cases range from around $9.99 – $39.99. Grab a case, protect your device, and have fun!


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