SOA Spin-off Pilot ‘Mayans MC’ Ordered by FX

Fans of the hit FX drama Sons of Anarchy will once again hear engines rev with Kurt Sutter’s spin-off – Mayans MC. According to Variety, the pilot will begin shooting in March of next year and will be directed/executive produced by Sutter. The script comes from both himself and Elgin James who will also co-executive produce. Mayans MC hasn’t officially been ordered as a full series (yet) but here are the plot details:

The show will take place after the events of the Sons of Anarchy finale and focus on the motorcycle club’s rivals, the Mayans. In the original show, the California-based Mayans peddled heroin, and in Mayans MC, one of the members, EZ Reyes will grapple with his desire for revenge against a drug cartel and his need for the women in his life to respect him.


I know, I know. Right away, fans like ourselves are wondering if some of the Sons will make some, if any, appearances. One thing is for sure, like it or not this plot rules out any chance for Charlie Hunnam but that’s okay. We’re big fans don’t get us wrong but this is a spin-off and continuation of this world so let’s see where the story goes, right? Right. Mayans MC President Marcus Alvarez, who’s played by actor Emilio Rivera, is still a question mark. Since the middle/end of November this year, Rivera has tweeted hints that he or may not be involved. We certainly hope is. Alvarez was a very likeable character in the show. For the show itself though, Sutter has been quoted as saying “although the Mayan Project may intersect with SOA charters, it will be a very different show,” Sutter revealed last year. “Tone, pace, storytelling, will be unique.”

As for James, Sutter chose him because of his past. Slashfilm reports that James spent a decade and a half in a gang, FSU, that went after neo-Nazi skinheads and drug dealers; he’d rob dealers and donate the money to charities. He even served a prison sentence for a past crime that dealt with federal extortion. His directorial debut came after his release which allowed him to do the 2011 film Little Birds. “I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice….because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice,” Sutter said after hiring James.

Mayans MC is expected to premiere late 2017.


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