Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty – The Resistance – Reveal

The first Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box from Funko was an absolute home run. Across the interwebs, people seemed more than pleased with the contents of the box and, for a lucky few, a Tie Fighter Pilot Chase Pop! made the delivery that much more awesome.  More on that in our Smuggler’s Bounty : The First Order reveal.

The second Smuggler’s Bounty arrived yesterday and I wasted no time busting open the box to check out the contents.  I really should record my face when I open one of these.  I’m sure I look like a kid in a candy store (or is there a more updated saying for that).  Now it’s your turn.  If you haven’t seen the contents of “The Resistance” box, it’s time.  Get ready for the big reveal!


Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty – The Resistance – REVEAL

Inside the Box - Top LayerThe format/layout of the MCC carries over to Smuggler’s Bounty, which means we again get an experience instead of just a box of stuff. The first layer of the box contains the patch and pin (something we really look forward to every month).

Journey a little further and you’ll find the core of the Bounty, complete with T-Shirt, an exclusive Funko Pop! and some other awesome nerdy goodness.

Smugglers Bounty - The Resistance - Contents - Numbered

  1. C-3PO Ceramic Mug
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pop! Tee
  3. “The Resistance” Pin
  4. “The Resistance” Patch – featuring BB-8
  5. Flocked Chewbacca Funko Pop! (Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive)

Was the second Star Wars subscription box from Funko a winner?  Ultimately, the call is yours.  Once again, I am extremely happy with the contents of the box.  I already have a huge Star Wars Pop! Collection and I always felt it was a bit incomplete without the highly-sought-after Flocked Chewbacca.  The original one is a bit out of my price range, so I’m stoked to add the new version to my stockpile.


Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty – The Resistance – CONTENTS

Want a closer look at the contents of “The Resistance” Smuggler’s Bounty? Here are some high-res images.  Click on any image below for a larger version.


What’s Next for Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty

Looks like we don’t have to wait for teasers on the next Smuggler’s Bounty.  We’ve already got a theme “Cantina” and a little artwork for the next delivery.


Could another exclusive Han Solo be on the way?  What about a Greedo?  Will everything be from the original trilogy?  I know we’ll see the words “Han Shot First” somewhere and I cannot wait!!

May the Force Be With You All.  Now quit messing around and the follow the link below to sign up for Smuggler’s Bounty.


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