Supernatural Dorbz – Photo Review

Funko’s Dorbz line has been on FIRE lately, with regular reveals and some outstanding licenses, like Ghostbusters, Batman v Superman (out now) & Captain America: Civil War (on the way).  Like you, our interest in the line is growing, and there are several fandoms that we hoped would get the Dorbz treatment soon. It didn’t take long for our prayers to get answered.  Castiel heard us and apparently worked some magic with the Funko home office, because Supernatural Dorbz are coming soon.


Our friends at Entertainment Earth know that we are HUGE Supernatural fans, so they contacted us with an amazing opportunity.  Review the new figures and then give them away to one of our followers.  Yes, we will be giving these figures away to one lucky fan, but first, here are some close up photos of The Winchester Boys and Castiel.  Enjoy!

Click on any of the images below for a larger version


Coming in February!



Coming in February!



Coming in February!



As promised above, we are going to give way these awesome Supernatural Dorbz to one lucky fan.  Just click the image below to open up the Giveaway post and follow the instructions to begin earning entries.  Check back regularly for new entry options and tweet daily to increase your chances of winning.


Again – a big Thank You to Entertainment Earth for providing these awesome figures!!

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  1. Castiel’s my favorite of the 3–he’s got wings!

  2. These Dorbz are really cute! I’m a Supernatural collector and spent obscene amounts of time seeking out all of the exclusive Funkos to complete my collection. I think these guys are going to have to join.

  3. Dean is my favorite. He’s the best big brother ever!!!!

  4. So hard to choose – it’s nice to see the boys HAPPY for once. If I had to choose? Probably Sam.

  5. The hair on the Sam one is so perfect. If I win I’m giving them to my sister because she’s the biggest SPN fan I know.

  6. I love all three but I think Dean is my favorite. His cute little first blade is just adorable. I want this set so badly. Definitely on the list.

  7. Cute ☺️

  8. I love Supernatural and these Dorbz are so cute! I have my fingers crossed to win these:)

  9. I need these three on my dash board to protect my car from demons

  10. These are all so freakin adorable! My fave has to be Castiel and his wings are perfect! 🙂

  11. They are so cute! If they dont come out with a Crowley and a Bobby they are doing it wrong!

  12. Castiel is almost TOO cute! <3

  13. Jessica Sweitzer

    Gonna go with Castiel. Love that they included his wings. So cute! 🙂

  14. Very Nice! Want them all!

  15. Cas is my favorite, but the smile only looks natural on Sam.

  16. Castiel because he’s adorable.

  17. My favorite is Dean, I FREAKING LOVE DEAN, no really, I FREAKING LOVE DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. These are so cute. And with them we can pretend it’s still season one and they are Happy. An alternate version of season one so Cas can be there.

  19. I am so getting these! So adorable!

  20. I love supernatural and funko products!! Very adorbz!

  21. Brandon McMullen

    Love all 3 of these! Cool that Castiel has wings!

  22. Im the biggest fan! I love dean

  23. I really like the Castiel!

  24. These #Supernatural dorbz are adorablez! LoL I especially love the Castiel one. He is just too cute and perfect. Those wings…I want to win because I’ve yet to had found a cute Supernatural collection and I’ve waited long enough! Will be purchasing regardless, this is a Supernatural house i live in.

  25. Emmanuel Valadez

    Castiel those wings look amazing

  26. I would love to win these for my daughter,they are all awesome.

  27. Oh my gosh, this would be a great present for my sister! So excited to get them.

  28. Cas is my fave because of his cute little wings! I want to win because SPN is one of my favorite shows and I am obsessed with these boys. LOVE!

  29. Cas looks great!

  30. I love these! Castiel is definitely my favorite! Might have to get the Dorbz as my new Christmas tree topper!

  31. Love to win for my grandson!! So cute!!

  32. I’m pretty much signing up so the Mrs. can steal ’em if I win. If I could keep one, it would be Cas, even though he’s a little too clean shaven.

  33. These are so freaking cute!

  34. These are so cute. I think the Castiel is adorable!

  35. Ricardo Pereira (@Ricky02L)

    I love Dean.
    I would like to win because I collect this series toys.

  36. I love these! 🙂

  37. I can’t decide!!! Cass is my favorite character but I’m going to have to say Sam, I just love his sideburns.

  38. Castiel is my favorite. Iwould like to win cuz I love Supernatural and the Dorbz are so adorable.

  39. My favourite is Castiel. I’d love to win since my SO and I are Supernatural fans!

  40. Castiel is my favorite. I love his hair and his wings. I want to win so I can add these Funko Dorbz to my Supernatural Funko Pop collection.

  41. These are great. Super adorable for sure.

  42. I love that Castiel has wings!

  43. Castiel is my favorite. He has such a naïve innocence to him.

  44. My wife would love these.

  45. Sam or dean i love both Winchester brothers

  46. They look like one of Japanese chibis

  47. Castiel is my favorite. i want to win because i’m a collector.

  48. Castiel and those wings!

  49. My daughters and I all love the Supernatural. My daughters are calling themselves Sam and Dean. Our dog is Cass, our cat is Crowley and my wife and I are John and Mary Winchester. You could say they are super fans.

  50. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. But I guess I’d have to say Dean. He’s just like a big teddy bear.

  51. I am really enjoying the Dorbz. Especially the rides they are coming out with.

  52. Awesome!!!!

  53. Supernatural is my absolute favorite thing in the world!!!! They’re almost as adorable as the real deals!!

  54. OMG little Castiel! Those wings!

  55. Vincent Lee Wee Ping

    CASTIEL – DORBZ because he got wings

  56. Castiel is the cutest Dorbz ever

  57. So cute!!!

  58. Castiel dorbz is absolutely adorable!! I’m in love with those transparent wings and it would be lovely to win because he is my favourite character and I don’t really have any sort of figurine of him <3

  59. I don’t normally like Dorbs.. I collect Pops.. but Castiel is pretty damn cute.

  60. I usually don’t like Dorbs, but with SPN, i’ll make it an exception. I love all three of them…but I prefer Dean, because he’s my fave character. Winning this would make me have my first Dorbs collection.

  61. Oww they’re all so cute and happier than we’ve ever seen them on the show!
    My favourite is Sam, because he deserves to smile more <3

  62. Dorbz are so adorable, would love to win these!

  63. I am a huge funko supernatural fan! I have been collection them for years and would love to add this to the collection as well! Castiel has to be my favorite because I love the wing design of the character 🙂

  64. I’m a big fan of Supernatural and these Dorbz would look great in my collection.

  65. Definitely the Castiel because my daughter is obsessed more than me and I could make her jealous 😉 Nah, I’d be nice and share

  66. These are so awesome !!! I have all the Supernatural pops, but I don’t have any Dorbz yet and would love to start off my collection with these !

  67. The tiny wings on Castiel are so cute.

  68. Would be awesome to have one of these!!!

  69. Castiel is by far my favorite! Those wings are just *perfect*! Winning this would give me a start on a collection of Supernatural figures, and would totally make me die from teh cute!

  70. I’m a huge fan of Supernatural! Love the Dorbz! My favorite is Castiel. The wings on him are so cute!

  71. These are so cute!

  72. Castiel is my favorite Dorbz and my favorite in the show!

  73. I love all of them so much! I need them all to complete my collection of all funko things supernatural but I have to admit that while Dean is my favorite character, Castiel’s wings are so stinkin’ cute!

  74. I can’t wait for these to be out!!!

  75. They look really adorable! The Castiel one is my favourite 🙂

  76. I love the new dorbs

  77. I love the new dorbz, but there needs to be a bobby singer one

  78. I would love to have these! I collect the Funko pops! and mystery minis. These just have to be part of the group.

  79. Beautifully Chaotic

    I love that Castiel has his wings! They are all adorable and I want all of them!

  80. I love these! I need more Sam and Dean in my life. I also need some Castiel cause I don’t have anything Cas in my little hoard.

  81. totes aDorbz! :p I like that Castiel has wings for this.

  82. OMG these are so cute I will have them all ant wait till Feb to pick them up

  83. My favorite is CASTIEL because he’s got the angel wings. He’s definitely the cutest of the 3, although I do love Dean and Sam too. I have the perfect place to display Castiel along with some of my angels I’ve collected over the years.

  84. William Landefeld

    castiel gets my vote

  85. I love Supernatural and in this set I love Castiel figurine because of his cute little angel wings.

  86. My favorite Dorbz in this collection is definitely Castiel with his wings, and I really want to win this set because I love how cute they all are.

  87. Cool new collectable

  88. Oh my goodness! They are truly Dorbs! I love me some Dean, especially with that smile!

  89. The wings make it. Castiel rocks. They all look great though.

  90. Castiel is the man… angel. My 13 and 11 year olds are big fans.

  91. Edward L Young Jr

    Castiel is my favorite. He’s an angel.

  92. Supernatural is my favorite show on tv right now, I cannot get tired of seeing this characters and their adventures, I love this dorbz as well, they look amazing

  93. Soooooooo cute! Absolutely LOVE Cas with his wings!

  94. I’ve loved this show from day one. My favorite is Dean because he’s absolutely adorable and completely hilarious. So many times I’ve found myself laughing out loud while watching Supernatural because of Dean. I’d love to have the Dean but Cass and Sam are awesome too. Can’t wait to see what other Supernatural characters emerge! So much fun.

  95. they are all so cute…I want them all

  96. Castiel is my favorite with those tiny little wings! ^_^

  97. I have loved Supernatural ever since it premiered. That was back in High School. I’m 26 now and always look forward to watching it to this day.

  98. I love Dean because even if he can be rude, he does have feelings and cares for his family and friends. Also I would love to win this for my sister to add to her supernatural collection.

  99. Ooooo they’re so cute…. I LOVE anything Supernatural 🙂

  100. I couldn’t love these any more if I tried. 😀

  101. Castiel is my favorite of the three because of his wings! I want to win because I love the Dorbz line and I only have a couple, plus I’ve been watching Supernatural since the beginning!

  102. This is an EPIC Giveaway!

  103. Castiel is my favorite. Awesome giveaway

  104. These GIVEAWAYs are pretty great. The best items too. They creators are making them look awesome

  105. These are adorable. Castiel’s my favourite because he has wings!

  106. All of them are super cute <3 but my favorite would be Dean, he look super adorable with that face 🙂 and I would like to win because I already have all the Funko pop! from SPN and it would be awesome to complete my collection with this dorbz!

  107. They are so cute!

  108. Need to get my hands on Castiel and Dean. I would want to win because then I could show off these awesome dorbz to my twin brother and he would be so mad and jealous that it will be funny.

  109. I love watching Supernatural. It’s one of my favorite shows. I would love to win this. Cas is my favorite of the three.

  110. Dean is my fave, from the beginning. Always take care of your family first, and even when you think you can’t, just keep going. I want to win because I am out of work at the moment with a back injury and cannot afford to purchase these figures. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time, just the way Dean would.

  111. I love them all. If I won I would give them to my husband his birthday is March 4, and is a huge Supernatural fan.

  112. Love them all, but the Castiel chase figure is awesome.

  113. Cass is my favorite. But they all look funny just like the show

  114. Castiel is my favorite! I love that he’s an Angel. I wish Lucifer would’ve went elsewhere. I have mixed feelings on the plot line. Looks like Castiel might not be my favorite after this season. Either way, Supernatural is a fantastic show!

  115. Oo man I want all of them they are so cute

  116. Possibly Sam but I really don’t have a favorite!!

  117. I watch Supernatural with my daughter. Dean has to be my favorite, his humor is great.

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