Supernatural Mystery Minis

We’ve been asking, no begging, for Supernatural figures since before Funko introduced the first figures of Sam, Dean and Castiel.  Funko listened and, since those early days almost two years ago, has stepped up with awesome figures & exclusives for Crowley, Castiel, Charlie and the Winchester boys.

And now, the vinyl offering will continue to grow with NEW Supernatural Mystery Minis, coming later this year.  Fans will FINALLY get to collect some other SPN characters, including the often-requested Bobby.

Supernatural Mystery Minis

The series contains familiar faces from the hit TV show like Sam, Dean, Castiel and even a LARPing Charlie!
Join the hunt for the likes of the toothy Leviathan, the sacrifice-hungry Scarecrow, and the demonic Hellhound!

Supernatural Mystery Minis - Square

Coming in July!

Ratios and Official Character List

Update Jul 16, 2015: We’ve just confirmed the character list and ratios with our contact at Funko.

Supernatural - Mystery Minis - figures

  • Dean Winchester
  • Sam Winchester


  • Charlie
  • Castiel
  • Bobby
  • Kevin Tran
  • Lilith
  • Hellhound
  • Scarecrow
  • Abaddon
  • Crowley
  • Leviathan
  • Gabriel
  • Thinman
  • Demon Dean
  • Bloody Sam
  • Demon Abaddon

Pre-Order Your Supernatural Mystery Minis

You better believe that these bad boys (and girls) are gonna fly off the shelf.  Don’t sell your soul at the crossroads for a chance at these later – pre-order now and have them delivered to your doorstep, or Impala, as soon as they are released.

Click on an image above or the link below to start your pre-order with Entertainment Earth.

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