The Supernatural Panel Talks 10th Season in Hall H – [SDCC]

Our favorite Hunters took the stage Sunday in the Supernatural panel and entertained the crowd as always. The moderator brought out Jensen Ackles first who directed an episode of the upcoming 10th season. In this clip – **SPOILER** – we see a meeting between Sam and the newly made demon Dean! Very intense!! Once the clip stopped, the moderator brought everyone: Executive Producer Jeremy Carver, Jensen, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard.

This panel was also extra special due to the show celebrating it’s 200th episode in the new season. The guys also had fun with Mark and the fact that he had no Funko POP! figure in front of his mic like Jensen, Jared, and Misha did. Of course not to be left out, Sheppard quickly threw together a empty coffee cup, tinfoil, and what appeared to pens or pencils and made his own Crowley figure! Fans everywhere have been waiting for King of Hell’s adorable figure since the line came out but nothing yet. Are ya listening Funko??


Here’s a few highlights we took away:

      • Q: What’s it like going into the show’s 10th season? CARVER “It’s exciting and very moving…emotional…exciting again…and fun!”
      • Q: What’s it like playing demon Dean? ACKLES “We’ve had demons on the show before…but it’s not like the other times when demons come on the show and take over a meat suit. We know Dean….we know the character….it’s different this time.”
      • Q: Who;s easier to direct: demon Dean or regular Dean? ACKLES “I’d have to say demon Dean because….well because he was actually tied up a lot.” < Que LOTS of swooning in Hall H>
      • Q: Can you give more insight to what Castiel is going through? COLLINS “Castiel’s race is fading and he’s getting weaker and weaker…..his main concern is more about helping Sam and Dean than with helping himself.
      • Q: Let’s go back 10 years real quick. What was like doing that pilot episode? PADALECKI “It was….wild…and so long ago. We want to say “thank you” to the fans, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I think we knew we were onto something back then. I remember telling Jared, “dude I think we might get picked up for a season!
      • Q: Mark, now that you’re a season regular, will we see or learn more about Crowley? SHEPPARD “What more do you need to learn about Crowley? I think we know pretty much everything…….all you have to learn is that Crowley is always right.”
      • Q: Misha, since your character is largely based on the character Constantine, what do you think about the new show coming soon? COLLINS “Actually, what I’m trying to do right now is put together a little ‘cease and desist’ package for NBC. No but….since we actually borrowed from Constantine for Castiel….I think we have like squatters rights or something like that.”

Towards the end of the fan questions, someone in costume approaches the mic to ask a question and just stands there. Then they start to take off the costume to reveal none other than Osric Chau a.k.a. Kevin Tran! Right away he expresses in true fandom his love for Jared and Jensen but says that he has a question: “Will Kevin be coming back?” And Hall H goes wild with laughter, whistles, and applause. After pausing for moment to let the crowd have their fun, Carver quickly responds with “Not Now!” Of course the crowd loved that playful response as well. Chau’s character had a very well received story arc and place on the show and because another fan favorite. Along with the guys teasing that the 200th episode will be “musical-ish” – we can only guess as what other surprises they have in store for us!

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