Supernatural Pop!’s – Funko Brings us the Winchester Boys

I know I’ve written it before, but there is a LENGTHY list of Pop!’s that we (Funko Funatics) would LOVE to see made.  However, if you held a gun to my head and forced me to write down a list of five tv shows, movies or video games that I wanted to see immortalized in vinyl, you’d see one particular TV show about two brothers and their battles against evil near the top (right behind Firefly).

In our latest podcast (recorded 10-23) Steve and I talked about one of our favorite shows and how there was a TOTAL lack of collectibles.  That show, whether you listened in or just guessed it – Supernatural.

In a twist of fate, as if the angels were listening in to our every thought, we received a press release yesterday from our friends at Funko, with this AMAZING news.

…. (cue the music – Carry On My Wayward Son) …..

Pop! Television: SUPERNATURAL

Ask and you shall receive!
We’ve had an overwhelming amount of requests for Supernatural Pop!’s…
And they’re finally on the way!

Season 9 of the popular Television Series just premiered this month.
It’s the perfect time for the duo to make their debut in Pop! form!
Evil Supernatural Beings Beware!

Available: November 21st



This just in (added 10-29-13) – our friends at posted an image of another addition to the Supernatural family this morning.  Apparently, per the Funko Facebook page, Castiel will be added to the lineup by way of a HotTopic exclusive.

No pre-order information is available at this time (it doesn’t seem that HotTopic ever does that) but stay tuned for more information.  We’ll update you if we find out anything.


UPDATE (3-06-14) – Just in, has Castiel available on their website.  Who knows how long this will last or if these will come with the HotTopic Exclusive sticker, but they are there.  Hurry – chances are they will sell out quickly and this may be your last chance EVER to get Castiel. —


What do we always say? Yeah, you know it – PRE-ORDER.

If you’re interested in picking up the Winchester boys for your collection, do NOT hesitate.  These guys are gonna fly off the shelf faster than all those Angels fell to earth. Get out there on the interwebs and put in your per-order to guarantee you get ’em.

Here are some links to get you started.

EntertainmentEarth.comSam & Dean ($9.99 each + tax & shipping)

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  1. There is going to be a Hot Topic Exclusive Castiel Funko as well!

  2. YES I love SPN I MUST GET DEAN AND CAS. sadly the hot topic near me didn’t have either one :'(

  3. Dean is missing his little idol necklace. 🙁

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