The Hunter – TeeNOEvil Design Reveal

With just a few days between us and the season finale of The Walking Dead, our friends at TeeNoEvil have delivered a new shirt design that is sure to be a popular one with fans everywhere.  As they’ve done with the past few designs, TeeNoEvil has blessed us with the big reveal, and we couldn’t be more excited.


“The Hunter” features one our favorite characters from the show, and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone here.

Zombies will be sorry when they cross paths with this expert marksman.  He’ll have plenty and creative ways to kill the undead.

The Hunter - TeeNoEvil

Seriously – how awesome is this mash-up design inspired by two of our favorite shows! And with Game of Thrones coming up in just a few weeks, this design is the perfect bridge to our next obsession!

The Huner - TeeNoEvil - model


The drop date on this all-new, exclusive design will be this Sunday, March 30th at 11am (pacific).  Yes, the release date is the same day as the season finale and since you’ll be in full The Walking Dead mode anyway, we’re sure you won’t forget.

link: TeeNoEvil

special deal for Nerd Fu fans: Buy 1, get 1 Half Off with the code “Hunter”
** (coupon expires 4-6-14)


We’re big fans (and customers) of and have been since we first found out about them on Kickstarter.

Quality is our #1 priority and that’s the reason we chose ringspun shirts. The comfortable shirts are thick, ring-spun and 100% cotton.  The shirts are tagless to avoid the itch on the back of your neck.  Oh, did we mention that each shirt will have a custom printed label? – teenoevil

TeeNoEvil stands by their original promise and we were really impressed by their quality and packaging.

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  1. I must every known Walking Dead tee…except this one…I love my tees.

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