The Labours of Hercules – Cretan Bull by Lucas Ruggieri

Limited edition, screen printed posters have been one of the hottest growing collectibles over the last few years and, like many others, we have been drawn to the hobby.  We visit conventions all over the country and have definitely noticed an increase in companies dedicated to the art of producing these high-end posters.  In fact, while at New York Comic Con, we had the privilege of making some new friends in the industry, including FAMP Art.


Based in New York, FAMP Art specializes in creating officially licensed, limited edition screen printed posters of foreign films, pre-1980s classics and a few random goodies here and there.

FAMP Art was founded to bridge the gap between pop culture art and art house cinema, focusing on films that don’t get much love in the art community but are praised in the world of cinema (and that we ourselves love). Our goal is to bring together two very different worlds through the glory of awesome and beautiful art prints.


On December 12, 2015, FAMP Art will be hosting its debut art show titled The Labours of Hercules.   This show marks FAMP Art’s first foray into the gallery space and they are looking to make a splash in a legendary way.

Labours of Hercules Art Show12 artists were selected and assigned one of Hercules’ labours that they could interpret in their own way. They could focus on the labour itself, the interaction between Hercules and the labour, or focus on the aftermath. A 13th artist was then selected to illustrate a piece focusing on the man himself, Hercules.  The show will include a variety of screen printed pieces, a few giclee prints and couple of originals from artists all around the world.

For details on this FREE show, which takes place at Bottleneck Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), visit FAMP Art Presents: The Labours of Hercules – Full Line-up and Show Details Announced or the Facebook Event Page (so you can get notifications and reminders).


We’re honored to reveal one of the pieces that will be a featured at The Labours of Hercules Art Show – Seventh Labour: Cretan Bull by Lucas Ruggieri.

Seventh Labour: Cretan Bull by Lucas Ruggieri

  • One color screen print
  • Printed by VGKids
  • Limited Edition of 50 prints
  • Size: 17″ x 11″
  • Price $25

** All art that isn’t sold at the gallery will be put online Monday, December 14th and will go on sale at 12pm Est. Prints will ship worldwide.

In addition to the Limited Edition prints, the original artwork by Lucas Ruggieri will also be available.  The pencil and ink is 16″ x 12″ and the asking prices is $700 (framed).  If you’re interested in the framed original, please email

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