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Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast!  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerd/geek news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.


Normally, we bring you the latest in movies, TV, collectibles, gaming, comics & cons, but this week it’s all about #SDCC!.  That’s right, with just days to go before we head out to San Diego, the focus is on Comic-Con.  We’ve got tips for newbies and you veterans might even learn a thing or two.

Headphones in!
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It’s on like Comic-Con!


Here are some of the things we shared with you in Episode 96. Visit the links below & don’t forget to support the sites you visit by clicking on some of the ads on their page. It’s like tipping, but doesn’t cost you anything!


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Everything you see below is based on our three years of going to San Diego Comic-Con.  It may not all be 100% accurate, since things do change daily & often leading up to SDCC, so be sure to check the official sources, like the Comic-Con website or app.  We just wanted to share some knowledge and help out anyone who might be interested.



Packing: Suitcase – all the basics + a power strip for the room and be sure to leave room for swag you’ll bring home
Packing: Bag of Holding – camera, memory cards, backup batteries, sunscreen, hoodie, medicine, charging cables, water bottle, snacks & hygiene stuff (wipes, deodorant, gum, mints, hand sanitizer)

** Remember – no selfie sticks allowed this year at SDCC

Digital – Get your phone in order before you hit the Con

  • Clean some space on your phone to store all those photos
  • Update your operating system and all of your existing apps
  • Make sure you have the apps you’ll need – The official Comic-Con app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Nerd HQ

Research – Spend time mapping out your plan of attack and backup plans.  Find out what others are doing.  Just be prepared.  We recommend that you follow our list of awesome Comic-Con veterans!  **Also, check out all of their websites and blogs.  TONS of helpful information on all of them.

Print-Outs – You’ve got documentation for all sorts of stuff.  Be sure to have back-ups, just in case.  Print out your bar code for SDCC ticket pickup, offsite event tickets, emails of importance, overall schedule….SDCC ScheduleLinks to the official schedule are below, but before you jump in, be sure you read up on the new Wrist Band System for Hall H.

  • Wednesday (July 8th) OFFICIAL Schedule  PREVIEW NIGHT
  • Thursday (July 9th) OFFICIAL Schedule
  • Friday (July 10th) OFFICIAL Schedule
  • Saturday (July 11th) OFFICIAL Schedule
  • Sunday (July 12th) OFFICIAL Schedule


After/Outside the Con

SCHEDULED EVENTS (for the most part, this is where we will be)

ONGOING EVENTS (outside the con – no badge required)

  • Nerd HQ – This is the “other con” put on every year by Zachary Levi & it is always awesome!
    Thursday (9th) to Sunday (12th) at the New Children’s Museum
    Panel tickets are $22 each – proceeds go to Operation Smile (on sale July 2 at 6am PST)
  • Nerdist Conival (featuring Geek & Sundry)
  • The Walking Dead Escape – July 10 & 11 [6-10 pm]
  • FX Arena – FX taking over Hilton Bayfront
  • Game of Thrones – Experience the Realm

** There are MANY, MANY more outside events.  Check out SDCC Unofficial Blog for more info.



There are hundreds, if not thousands, of exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  We certainly can’t run them all down here, so we recommend that you check out these resources:



We answered questions from fans & friends on the podcast.  That happened in the last 20-30 minutes of the show, in case you want to fast forward to that part.
We’ll also be answering any questions we can on Twitter, all the way up to and (as we can) throughout Comic Con!  Please feel free to reach out.  We’ll help in any way we can.  All we ask is that you tell your friends about Nerd Fu.  #NerdsUnite


  • SDCC is WILD enough.

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