The TYLT Energi Backpack Puts You in “Charge”

The backpack. On most days, you might throw one on and think no more of it. After all, it’s just used to throw junk in that you don’t want to haul around in those cargo pockets or purse right? Wrong. We live in the time of “mobile-device-power-using, always-on-the-go” lifestyles and we need demand a bag that can keep up with us and our busy lives. Enter the Energi+ Backpack by TYLT.


We are inclined to innovate. Our goal is to connect to you and to your devices. Our focus is innovation in the mobile world. TYLT was established in 2011, simply to provide high-quality design, with exceptional value to our customers.


TYLT has been charging (no pun intended) into battle for quite some time. That battle is the fight consumers have to keep their smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and other mobile devices constantly powered upand ready for action. Doing what we do here at Nerd Fu, I can tell you that it’s a dark day when you see that red battery indicator that has a single digit percentage. Everyone know that struggle.

But fear not my friends! TYLT is here and they’re armed with everything you need and the styling you want. Missing that charger or battery pack you know you need but haven’t bought yet? They’ve got you covered. What about those charging or audio cables you lost? Relax. You’ve got friends at TYLT. And finally, what about a backpack that could provide practically all those accessories into one bag that and be ready to move when you are? I’m glad you asked.IMAGE 1


This is the backpack that makes other backpacks “pack it in”….( okay that pun was intended ). On the outside, the black with blue accents are stylish yet minimal and clean. And with backpacks, unless you’re planning on hitting up basecamp in the snow, you don’t need a huge boulder on your back. That’s one of the key reasons why Sully and I looked into the Energi+. We’ll be heading to San Diego Comic-Con in a few days time and we’ll be doing lots of walking (sometimes running) and trust me – a big backpack starts to become unruly very quickly. With extreme ease, we were able to fit a laptop, a tablet, extras cables and plugs, a small LED flashlight, sunglasses, pens and markers, some snacks,  and a notepad in the backpack. Sully even managed to fit his Nikon DSLR with extra lense in his bag, along with all those other items! Another plus for the feel of this backpack is the crazy thick padding of the straps where they meet your shoulders. There’s almost 2 inches of padding there alone! #comfy.


Now let’s talk power. Power is good. And the Energi+ gives you enough charging power to make you feel unstoppable. Inside the bag, you’ll find the brains of the operation: a palm-sized lithium ion battery that’s capable of charging 3 devices at once. Yes, 3! This battery is your mobile device lifeline and your ally when that “low juice” starts flashing on your gadget. When we opened up our backpacks, we noticed the ingenious cable management system that was in place. Loops to guide your cables to keep them all nice and neat can be found inside the large compartment, as well as strategically placed cable “pass-throughs” that allow you charge yours device how you want. Again, this was exactly what were looking for in a new bag for SDCC. Sure we each have some smaller bags and smaller battery backups to take, but this makes sure EVERYTHING available in a one stop shop. No more facepalming yourself because you forgot a cable , device charger, etc. Now keep everything ready to go in one bag – the Energi+ Backpack.

Here’s a glance at the specs:

      • Fly-through Friendly
      • Brushed Metal Zippers
      • Laptop compartment will accommodate laptops up to 15.5in x 10.5in x 1.5in
      • NFC Tag in Shoulder Strap
      • Zippered Accessory Bag
      • 1 Micro-USB/Charge-and-Sync Combo Cable for Apple 30-pin devices
      • 2 Micro-USB Charging Cables




Sully and I will really be putting the Energi+ Backpack to the test once we get to SDCC in a few days. I admit though, it looks like the Energi+ is up to the task. SDCC is the perfect place to try something like this backpack out since we’re “power users” of our gadgets and keeping them charged and ready to go is numero uno. And you don’t have to be attending a con like SDCC to be able to enjoy this backpack. There are loads of places this bag would come in handy, work meetings, business trips, music festivals, sporting events, etc.

So visit TYLT and check out their wide range of mobile device accessories and especially the Energi+ Backpack. Your devices (and your shoulders) will thank you.


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