The Walking Dead – Dallas Comic Con 2014

Guests: Michael Rooker & David Morrissey

Moderator: David Pike (BigFanBoy)

Rooker & Morrissey took to the stage and wasted no time jumping into their favorite moments of The Walking Dead and their characters Merle & The Governor.   In fact, other than Rooker answering a question about Guardians of the Galaxy and Morrissey answering a question about Doctor Who (The Other Doctor), they didn’t talk about any other projects.

Rooker was on fire the whole time – laughing and cutting up, barely giving Morrissey the chance to speak, but somehow they found a balance and entertained fans.  The bad boys of The Walking Dead were great and I’d happily return to any TWD panel they are on in the future.


Here are some questions and answers from the panel and some general thoughts shared by Michael Rooker (MR) and David Morrissey (DM).

Q: How much work we’re thinking you were going to do?   MR: I was told maybe 3 episodes. After the rooftop episode, we knew that he’d back somewhere down the line.

DM: I wanted to be In the show….I came in as fan of the first two seasons. I’d known Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James for a long time.

Q: Between you, Andrew Lincoln, and Laurie Coen…how was hiding your accent?   DM: Once you do it for a while, it’s gets easier.

Q: What was your most difficult scene throughout your time on the show?  DM: the fight with Rick …. and the one with Michonne because of the glass.  MR: When I was zombie – It was hard because you really can’t talk…just use body language.

Q: What was the best prank you’ve ever seen done on the set of The Walking Dead?  MR: Pranks?! This isn’t Breaking Bad! This is the The Walking Dead baby!!

DM: On being Doctor Who: “I basically lied for a year – even though I knew I wasn’t the next Doctor Who – I couldn’t say anything.”

Q: Will you have any screen time in GOTG?   MR: “Well you know I have some screen time as Yondu. How MUCH time I’m not gonna say tell you.”

Q: Do you think if the zombie apocalypse happens for real, you’ll be ready like your character!   MR: HELL YES!!

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