The Walking Dead Mystery Minis – 31 Second Unboxing

It wasn’t that long ago that we announced the upcoming release of The Walking Dead Mystery Minis from Funko.  This was easily one of the most anticipated releases of the year, so we wasted no time in placing our pre-sale order with PlunderRun.

Well, we blinked a couple of times, went to SDCC, got back and BOOM! – the Mystery Minis were already here.  (Time really flies during con season).

Soooo, we thought an unboxing would be fun and decided to try something a little different.  Here it is!


The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Unboxing

As you can see by our little animated GIF above, we had some fun with the unboxing.  And for those keeping score at home, here is what we pulled:

    • 2 – Teddy Bear Walker (2/24)
    • 2 – Well Walker – reg (2/24)
    • 2 – Blood Splatter Tank Walker (2/24)
    • 2 – Tank Walker – reg (2/24)
    • 2 – Blood Splatter Bicycle Girl (2/24)
    • 2 – Bicycle Girl (2/24)
    • 2 – Daryl (2/24)
    • 2 – RV Walker (2/24)
    • 2 – Bloody Merle (2/24)
    • 2 – Merle (2/24)
    • 1 – GLOW Well Walker (1/72)
    • 1 – Prison Walker (1/24)
    • 2 – Deer Walker (2/24)

So, the highlight was that GLOW Well Walker.  I was really hoping for the Prison Guard Walker (1/144), but one can only dream about a rarity like that, or buy like five or six boxes of these bad boys.  Given the price tag, I’ll stick with my 1/72 Well Walker.


Based on the information we’ve received from Funko and the leaked images floating around the web, there are PLENTY more Mystery Minis on the way. Which ones are you most excited about?

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Hello Kitty Mystery Minis

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis

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  1. this turned out pretty cool!!

  2. Carla Rodríguez

    I want theme all!!!! <3

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