The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Are Coming

Already in 2013 Funko has brought us the Disney Mystery Minis and DC Comics Mystery Minis.  NerdFu also brought you news on the upcoming releases of Game of Thrones Mystery Minis and Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis (YES – we are obsessed).

My calendar was already full and my wallet was starting to look pretty thin, but this news from Funko is about to take things to the next level – The Walking Dead Mystery Minis are coming!! *BOOM* – my head just exploded.

Release Date: June 20th

What to Expect in The Blind Boxes

As with the other blind box offerings from Funko, you can expect a few of your favorite characters and some variants, but these might be the most detailed (and awesome) of all the Mystery Minis so far. Here’s a rundown of the possible pulls:

2 – Kick<a-word> Brothers (regular & blood splatter)
8 – Totally Gruesome Zombies
4 – Mind Blowing Zombie Variants (blood splatter & glow in the dark)

Show Me Those Variants

As with any blind box line, the real fun is the excitement of pulling a rare variant or hard to pull character.  Funko has already teased the ratio of each character and their Glow and Blood Splatter versions with this handy-dandy image.


So, it’s off to the races for us all. Get out there and find your pre-order opportunities – because this line is gonna sell out quickly. And don’t count on Steve or Sully to be giving many of these away on NerdFu. We’re probably gonna keep any Walking Dead boxes or cases we get for ourselves.
Updated 6-27-13 has the Funko! The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Pre-Order listed at $116.99 per case (that comes down to $4.87 each) + $2.99 shipping

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  1. I want the one of Merle; can’t beat gun in one hand and… well you know about the other “hand.”

  2. I like how it has the walking dead anything with the walking dead is great

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