The Walking Dead Pop! – Series 3 Officially Announced

Rumors and leaked photos have been circling the interwebs for a few days now, but the official word has been handed down (no pun intended Merle) – The Walking Dead Pop! – Series 3 figures will be here soon… very soon.  These bad boys will be available on July 11th!

Via the press release from Funko:

This gorgeous series is filled with Villains and Crazies – my absolute favorite!
Seriously, Prison Yard Rick…Where did all the sanity go?
Oh my goodness…I could marry this series!
Because really…
…nothing says love quite like missing eyes, missing hands & riot gear.
Seriously, here’s a look at the craziness that is Series 3, then scroll on down to the bottom for some bonus info!

Bonus Walking Dead Series 3 News

In addition to the figures shown above, Funko has also clued us in on the follow Exclusives!
Poncho Daryl Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive
Zombie Merle Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive
Bloody Gauze Eye Patch Governor Pop! – Previews Exclusive
Blood Splatter Merle Pop! – Conventions Exclusive – available from (link added 9-05-13)
Blood Splatter Governor – Fugitive Toys Exclusive

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  1. Seriously can’t wait for this series to come out. I really want the Daryl with a poncho!

  2. I’m a Funko Fanatic and seriously can’t wait to have them. Especially now that I saw “Zombie” version of Merle.

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