‘The Walking Dead’ Trading Cards from Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic gave us this product to try in exchange for an honest review.

Collectibles are a BIG part of what we do at Nerd Fu. Our love for things like Funko Pop!s, Mondo posters & celebrity autographs is one of the main reasons we decided to start our podcast and the website. Now, we have a new obsession to add to the roster – Cryptozoic Trading Cards.

I first found a couple packs of Supernatural Trading Cards from Cryptozoic at a Hot Topic about a year ago. I didn’t really know what I had, but I liked the artwork and the chance to pull some rare insert cards. Then, at SDCC 2016 we happened into the Cryptozoic booth. It was the DC Bombshells (another awesome collectible) that drew us in, but we were once again introduced to their awesome trading cards. It was all coming together.


We reached out to Cryptozoic about doing a review and they were awesome enough to send us two boxes of their The Walking Dead trading cards. We received one box of TWD Season 4 Part 1 and one box of TWD Season 4 Part 2.

Cryptozoic - The Walking Dead - Trading Cards

Each box consists of 24 packs that contain 5 cards per pack. Most of the cards feature episodic images from season four, but every so many packs contains an Insert Card. Insert Cards include Autograph cards, Wardrobe and Prop cards, Sketch Cards and Printing Plates. Odds vary on how likely you are to pull one of these Special Insert Cards, but you’re just about guaranteed to pull an Autograph and a Wardrobe/Prop card out of each box.


We opened up both boxes of these awesome The Walking Dead trading cards on Periscope. You can jump to the 7-Minute mark to see the action.

As you can see during the video, we had some amazing luck with these boxes and some of our followers will soon be enjoying their new cards. In case you didn’t watch the whole video (it’s cool – we still love ya), here are the amazing insert cards we pulled.



We LOVE the cards and the awesome inserts from The Walking Dead, but it turns out that is just the tip of the iceberg. Cryptozoic has a huge line of trading cards available on their website. I counted 60+ series of cards from different TV shows, movies and even comic books.  Here is a small sampling of some of the cards we’ll be searching for next:


What other cards would you like to see Cryptozoic make? Maybe some Supergirl? How about iZombie? Leave your thoughts below and we’ll make sure to pass them along to our new friends.

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