thingCharger – Putting You In “Charge” of Your Power Needs

You can’t call yourself a “nerd” and not have some kind of predilection towards electronics. And, if you’re like us, you’ve got gadgets coming of out of your “ports”. It makes sense that will all those handy dandy devices there’s gonna be some cable spaghetti in your home. So in an effort to make nerdy living stay in the realm of clean living (minus all the Red Bull cans), the thingCHARGER was born.


The idea for the thingCHARGER came when a loving wife decided to give her husband a charging device with multiple tips for all his gadgets. Long story short, Seymour decided that, even though he really appreciated the gesture, Amy’s gift wasn’t going to cut it and he went on to tinker with a way to improve on the concept of original gift. He knew he wanted something elegantly simple and without the presence of wires. Flash-forward after some time working in his basement and Seymour had created the first thingCHARGER prototype! So they headed up indiegogo and started their funding project to help get the ball rolling with a target of $25,000. Well, the funding is finished and Amy and Seymour ended up with just a little over their wanted goal: $648,771 (at this of this article)!! As you can see, there are a lot of people who have been looking for a device like this. And there’s still time to get yours…..


When you see this charging device you may think “I’ve seen something like this before”  – the keyword being ‘like’. The perfect design feature IS the thingCHARGER’S ability to charge pretty much any device you want, while keeping the outlets free. That’s right my fellow Champions of Circuitry, the device you’re charging docks onto the top of the panel sans exposed wires or cables.

iPhone? No problem. Android? They got you covered. Kindle, iPad, Nook? Yes friends……you’re all taken care. Each thingCHARGER comes with the 3 device tips that pretty much define the word ‘universal: mini USB, micro USB, and Apple’s 30-pin connector. If it’s a Lightning connector you’re after, then Amy and Seymour have those tips available also for an additional $9. Just pop whatever tip you want to use at the moment and you’re good to go.  But what about those tips that aren’t being used at the moment? Never fear. Of course they thought of that! All you have to do is put the tips in the holder that’s directly on the back of the charger and you can forget about having to remember where you put them. Rebel at heart and still want to stick with your device’s USB charging cable? Ok that’s weird BUT thankfully Seymour and Amy have thought that through. The device comes with 2 USB ports located directly underneath the unit so if the time comes, those ports are there.

This little unit is carries a price tag of $29.95 and available here where there’s still time to take advantage of some great offers! So there you go…..a simple gift that gave way to something never before fully realized. We salute you Seymour and Amy for bringing this amazing wonder into our lives.



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