Thor: The Dark World Prize Pack Giveaway

The next offering in Marvel’s Phase Two universe, Thor: The Dark World, will descend from Asgard in a few weeks and we can’t wait! In honor of The Mighty God of Thunder’s return, we thought it would be fitting to offer up something for the people of Midgard.

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There’s been some great (and hard to find) Dark World treasures that have recently come out in celebration of the film and we were able to secure some of them for you, our loyal fans. All you have to do is follow the instructions above to earn entries and you just might end up being our realm’s champion.

Don’t forget – you can tweet daily for additional entries, so the more you tweet, the better your chances are.


Here are some details on the items included in the Thor: The Dark World Prize Pack Giveaway –

And thanks to our friends at kidrobot, our Prize Pack got a SERIOUS upgrade on 11/06/13, when they offered to include the following:

      • (1) Marvel Labbit Venom 7-inch Toy by Frank Kozik
      • (4) Marvel MUNNYWORLD DIY Superhero Toys 3-Inch

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  1. That sure is one impessive Thor got there.

  2. It’s like my birthday and Christmas and the Fourth of July all rolled into one giveaway! So much goodness!

  3. These look great! Good luck everyone.

  4. Awesome Prize pack! Cant wait for this movie!

  5. I love how there are a ton of Marvel FunkoPOP! figures continuing to be released for all of us geeks. I really love the B&W Loki! 😀

  6. I wanna win~ 😀

  7. Awesome contest! Counting down to the movie! 🙂

  8. I wanna win!!! *parkour moves*

  9. SO excited about this one, I love love love Thor 😀

  10. Hope I can win!!

  11. i want all of those *drooools* also i can’t wait to watch the new thor movie

  12. AWESOME!!!! I love Loki! And Thor too!

  13. It’s really awesome ! Thank you !

  14. Ohhhhh, I need those so bad! ;___; <3 And so excited for the movie!

    • Don’t forget about all the different ways to enter Marcella. Also, make sure to check out podcast that we post every Thursday. You never know what we might throw in there!

  15. By Odin’s beard I declare this awesomeness!

  16. Christian Gonzalez

    Sure hope i get to win this ,
    would be an awesome birthday present !!!!

  17. Now if I win the only problem will be keeping them on a shelf so my 5 year old doesn’t claim them for HER Pop collection. 🙂

  18. O.O Oooo, I NEEDZ the Loki! Plus Thor would probably love to live with his twin I have!!

  19. Let my poor ass win. This would make a great x-mas gift for my nephew. Good luck y’all.

  20. ahh i want this so bad!

  21. Good luck to everyone that enters! This pack is awesome!

  22. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Entered! Thor is my absolute favorite and these are so cute! Thank you for doing this giveaway 🙂 xx

  24. omg these figurines are the cutest ive ever seen! the podcast was awesome! enjoyed the Morgan Freeman bit haha

  25. saw so many awesome POPs at comikaze and thought of you guys! Hope to see you there next year!! xo

  26. Thor! I want it!

  27. Thor 2 was awesome. Its great that you have these items up for grabs. Thanks for the chance.

  28. I wanna win this awesome Price

  29. Fingers Crossed

  30. Leslee (Ziggy) Key

    Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR!

  31. I want to win this THOR collection!

  32. If I win, this would cover two Christmas gifts and leave a nice prize for me. I hope I win.

  33. Awesome prizes! Thor 2 was really great, much better than the first one.

  34. This is an awesome giveaway! I shall try my luck 😀

  35. >.< Oh man.. mini Loki. <3 Want nothing more out of life.

  36. This is such a good giveaway, props for teaming up with Kidrobot as well ^_^ x

  37. Fingers Crossed

  38. need this prize pack

  39. Awesome prize pack! <3 kidrobot

    • Glad you like it! Weren’t they awesome to toss in all that awesome stuff for us! We <3 kidrobot too!
      Plus, did you see the coupon code they just gave us. Check our Facebook and Twitter for details.

  40. These figures are awesome! I hope I have some luck for this giveaway.

  41. This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  42. Wow, really cool. Thanks!

  43. I love the giveaways!!

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