Titanfall 2 Tech Test – How to Play With Friends

The big weekend is here! The first BETA (technically a Pre-Alpha) for Titanfall 2, which Respawn is calling the ‘Titanfall 2 Tech Test,’ is upon us and you’re ready to get into some serious gaming with your friends. One problem – that Invite Friends button simply doesn’t work. You can smash it until your face turns blue and it’s not gonna do anything for you. Never fear gamers, we have a solution.


Titanfall 2 - Invite Friends



In order to team up and take on the other Titans, you’re gonna need to use the Networks feature. The title might be a little misleading, but don’t let that sway you from trying this out. Think of ‘Networks’ as ‘Clans’ and you’ll totally get what we are doing here.

In short, you’re going to set up a Network and your friends are gonna search for it to join up. It’s that easy and only takes a couple minutes to set up.



We’ve got some screen shots and directions to guide you through the setup here. Follow along step-by-step and you’ll be fine.

STEP 1 – Go to My Networks

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 01 - My Neworks

STEP 2 – Create a New Network

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 02 - Create Network

STEP 3 – Name Your Network

Name the network anything you like, but make it short and original. Your friends are gonna have to type it in later if they wanna find you.
You can also give your Network a Clan Tag. Again, this can be anything you want. It’s limited to 4 characters (we think), so have fun coming up with something unique, but let’s keep it clean out there folks.

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 03 - Name Your Network

Hit Create a Network and you are done with setup.



Now that the Network is set up, it’s up to your friends to join the network. Send out the name of the network, which you created in Step 3, and tell your friends to follow these instructions.

STEP 4 – Browse Networks

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 04 - Browse Networks

STEP 5 – Search Networks By Name

The name must exactly match, character for character, space for space.

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 05 - Browse Networks-SearchByName

STEP 6 – Members Filter

**This might be the trickiest step of all. The search defaults to Networks with 10 or more members, but since you just set it up and your friends haven’t joined yet, chances are your Network won’t show up.

Scroll down to Members and change the filter to <ANY>

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 06 - Browse Neworks - Members Filter

STEP 7 – Change Network

This step may or may not be needed, but it doesn’t hurt to do it anyway. It only takes like three seconds.

Under My Networks, go to Change and select the Network that you would like to be in right now.

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 07 - Change Network

STEP 8 – Set Active Network

Once you select the Network that you’d like to use now, you’ll be prompted to confirm (Classic Microsoft).

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 08 - Set Active Network



Now that the Network is set up and you have joined in with your friends, it’s time to game on. Of course, some of these “friends” will have to be online for this to be worthwhile. That part is up to you.

STEP 9 – Invite Network

Instead of Invite Friends, you’ll now be using Invite Network

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 09 - Invite Network

STEP 10 – Find Game

As soon as you select Invite Network, you’ll be given the option to pick your match type. Since your Network is already chosen, they’ll be invited to join in the fun as soon as you make your selection

Titanfall 2 - Networks - 10 - Find Game


You should be all set. We hope this little How-To was helpful.

If for some reason we got a step wrong or you have found a better way to tackle this, please let us know and we’ll adjust as necessary.

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  1. Nothing is working.. im at step 10 & it doesn’t do anything.. just goes back to the multiplayer menu.. is anybody else having the same issue?

    • Yeah, It isn’t working. Nothing is displayed when I select “Invite Network”… Please fix…

      • Total bummer UnsealedWings. We noticed the same issue late last night and haven’t found another workaround yet. Just updated the article to warn others. We urge you to direct any tweets, posts or emails to Respawn (the company that makes the game), but they have made it clear that they will not be responding to people during the Pre Alpha Tech Test. Maybe, just maybe, they will find a way to fix this and we’ll be back on track soon.

    • We started experiencing the same issue late last night and hoped it would be fixed for today, but looks like it is still broken. Sorry C. It had been working fine for most of the weekend. Hope they fix it soon.

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