Transform and Roll Out with the Optimus Prime Night Light From 3DLight FX

Here at the Nerd Fu HQ, we’ve had the incredible pleasure of making great friends with some of the coolest collectible manufacturers around. One such company is our northern neighbor, 3DLightFX. These folks have turned the concept of the ordinary night light into something way more: art. When we first heard about them about a year ago, they had already had great 3D Deco Lights in a variety of sports themes like hockey pucks, footballs, and soccer balls. What caught our attention was their introduction of Marvel themed lights. Thor’s Hammer, Hulk’s fist and more were showing up just about everywhere the name “Marvel” was mentioned. Now, with licenses for Hasbro , Nickelodeon, and Disney, they’ve gone past 1,000,000 units of their lights being sold!

The company was kind enough to send a friend of theirs our way: Autobot leader Optimus Prime!

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This Canadian company – started by a Dad who wanted to provide a “safe, functional and inspiring environment for his son” – has been gaining huge popularity in the nerd and geek community for designs and once you see who they are and what they have to offer – it’s easy to understand why. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of who 3DLightFX is:

3DLightFX is the leader in innovative lighting solutions bringing nightlights into the spotlight so homes and creative spaces can proudly display them day and night. Known for their realistic appearance and crack stickers that give the illusion that the light is busting through the wall, 3DLightFX’s line of 3D Deco Lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets, branch and butterfly combos, and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products.


Even though a large red and blue flamed 18-wheeler didn’t drive up and park in our parking lot and then transform, we still got a big thrill when we opened the box and saw the man himself – Optimus Prime!

OP 1

OP 2_use

We’ve reviewed these awesome lights before in our TMNT Raphael Light Review so we pretty much knew the construction of the lights already. Thankfully nothing has changed. The construction is still as solid as ever. Hard, durable plastic to ensure a long life of the product is the first thing you notice. And for it’s great size, it’s hard to believe how the weight isn’t there. That’s a great feature in our opinion! As you can see from the image above, the Optimus Prime 3D Deco Light puts out a nice ambient light that isn’t too distracting and is just right. As for the for the mounting instructions, 3DLightFX is keeping it simple for us. The crack sticker (see below) is made to go on pretty much any type of smooth surfaced wall. You’ll want to stay away from heavily textured, brick, etc. type of walls due to the nature of the adhesive. Once you’ve placed the sticker, it’s just a matter of 2 screws going into the wall through the sticker (placement is shown on the sticker for you) and placing the light on top! That’s it. No problem!


The crack sticker, as I mentioned above, is very simple to put on. Once the sticker goes on, followed by Optimus…….only then does this fantastic work of art truly come alive!

OP 3_use

OP 4_use


The Optimus Prime 3D Deco Light from 3D Light FX is here to serve and protect you from danger! He stands (well…mounted to the wall) ready to come through the wall and save the day should you require it. When the night comes around, you’ll have a watchful protector then as well. The LED’s are ready to burn bright for around 40,000 hours so those pesky Decepticons will have to wait!

So you want one? You have to have one? Looking for a really cool Transformers gift for the Autobot fan on your list (or yourself…it’s okay)? Head here to see this light and a lot of the other lights that are available!


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  1. So cool! Son has the IronMan one already but this would just make him go nuts! About to go order the BumbleBee at Target site!

  2. These are cool. THey need to make Marvel ones.

  3. Anything Marvel!

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