Transformers 2-Pack Exclusive from Entertainment Earth

Transformers fans – bust our your Must-Have list and get your pen ready. Our friends at Entertainment Earth have a brand-new exclusive in store for you and it goes on sale today (June 15th). Introducing the Transformers Asia Kids Day Platinum Edition Robots in Disguise Premium Grimlock and Bumblebee 2-Pack.

Transformers Grimlock and Bumblebee 2-Pack Exclusive

Fan favorites Grimlock and Bumblebee are ready for battle in this Entertainment Earth exclusive Transformers Generations set.

Transformers - EE Exclusive - In Package - Front

Transform your toybox with the Transformers Asia Kids Day Robots in Disguise Premium Grimlock and Bumblebee 2-Pack – an Exclusive! This premium pack portrays protagonists Grimlock and Bumblebee in a whole new light. Sure, they may spend all day in a junk yard, but in this set they have a shiny new finish and some cool new features! Bring home two of the most popular characters from Transformers: Robots in Disguise with this awesome boxed set of transforming plastic action figures.


Bumblebee Exclusive – Closer Look

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Bumblebee is the new boss! With Optimus Prime otherwise occupied, our yellow friend leads a group of cadets and misfits on Earth to stop invading Decepticons from trashing the planet and hurting their human allies.

This Bumblebee action figure goes through a 7-step change to a car and back again, standing 5-inches tall and ready to save the day. With enhanced paint job, you’ll marvel at his headlights, his cool blue wheel rims, and just oodles of toy detail like you’ve never seen before. There’s never been a better ‘Bee! He even includes a unique sword – check out the enhanced hilt, now decorated silver and redesigned with a new guard.


Grimlock Exclusive – Closer Look

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Grimlock was a Decepticon, but he had a change of heart. Being disguised as a giant robotic dinosaur won’t help him blend in easily on Earth, but he’ll fit right in with your other awesome Autobots.

His awesome 4 1/2-inch sword is almost as tall as other Autobots, and this towering terror stands over 7-inches tall in his robot form. Carefully redesigned with an awesome 10-step transformation, Grimlock features a chomping dinosaur jaw, over 15 points of articulation in robot mode, an awesome green shield, and a more complex transformation than any other Grimlock from Robots in Disguise on the market. With blue eyes, yellow highlights, and a candy-like finish you simply can’t get a better Grimlock – so grab this one for extra transformation fun!


Order Your Transformers 2-Pack Exclusive

This Entertainment Earth exclusive is not available from any other retailer in the USA and has a limited production run, so don’t mss out. Click on the links above or the giant orange button below to visit the official Entertainment Earth website for more information.

Transformers - Exclusive Set - Entertainment Earth - Official



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