Truer Than True, Dr. Seuss and Funko Are Here for You

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Oh the things we see, our collection shall grow! It’s hunting for Dr. Seuss Funko figures we go!

That’s pretty much how we felt when we saw the recent and glorious announcement of Funko’s upcoming Dr. Seuss line! So much awesome we had to break into verse! The Dr. Seuss collection of collectibles features lots of our favorite characters from the popular childhood books and come in really fun eye-catching colors! With a variety of Pop!s, Dorbz, keychains, and pen toppers to pick from, there’s sure to be something for every Horton, Sam, Fox, or Cat out there!

The unforgettable characters of the great Dr. Seuss have joined the Funko family! This series features Dorbz, Pop!s, Pen Toppers and Pop! Keychains with a variety of Seuss friends, like Sam I am and his friends from Green Eggs and Ham, the eponymous Cat in the Hat and comrades Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Horton from Horton Hears a Who! All available this winter!

Pop! Books: Dr. Seuss

Pre-order any of these standard Pop!s by clicking on the image!









Pop! Books: Dr. Seuss – EXCLUSIVES

In addition the regular Pop!s above, Funko is partnering up with several retailers for exclusive Dr. Seuss Pop! figures. Look for Cat in the Hat with his fish bowl (Books-A-Million), with his umbrella and cake hat (Box Lunch) or a flocked version (Barnes & Noble). Funko Funatics can also hunt for a flocked Sam I Am which will be available only at Barnes & Noble!

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Dr. Seuss Dorbz

Pre-order any of these standard Dorbz by clicking on the image!









Dr. Seuss Dorbz – EXCLUSIVES

Exclusives are also coming the Dorbz side of the Dr. Seuss collection thanks to a few retailers and Funko! Collect a special flocked Cat in the Hat (Hot Topic) and a flocked Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Barnes & Noble)! Plus, be on the lookout for the Cat in the Hat umbrella CHASE variant!

When/if links become available, we’ll be sure to update this post for our fellow Funko Hunters!







Dr. Seuss: Pen Toppers and Pop! Keychains

Pre-order the Pen Toppers and Keychains by clicking on the image!





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